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At Saybrook Home, you aren’t just a customer; you’re a part of our family. We strive to offer the best products, the most talented designers and stylists and the warmest customer service.

When our customers are happy, we are happy.

Keith A. Bolles, President

Keith Bolles, CEO

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November 18

Saybrook Country Barn Grand Opening

Saybrook Country Barn opened as a branch of Marlborough Country Barn. Carl and Clara Zirkenbach open-end the store in a house built by Ambrose Whittlesey in 1799.

New Partners

Saybrook Country Barn adds 1500 square feet of showroom space and new partners Keith Bolles and Joanne Murphy, Clara Zirkenbach's children. At the time, the store had only five employees.

Expansion of the Building

Saybrook Country Barn adds to the existing store with the increasing demand for more space. A hardware room, warehouse and employee offices were added.

Adjacent Building Purchased

The building on the corner of Main Street was purchased and torn down to erect the new Georgian-style corner house there today.

North Barn Building Added

The portion of the North Barn building that houses the apparel shop and Aspen restaurant were added in 2006.

Rebranding to Saybrook Home

The company changed its name officially to Saybrook Home as it is known today.

January 28

Glastonbury Showroom Opens

Saybrook Home adds its first satellite showroom in Glastonbury. The 5,000 sq ft showroom features a curated collection of Saybrook Home's best product lines.

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