From Faux to Fabulous

From Faux to Fabulous

Faux floral arrangements are a great alternative to real flowers for those who lack a green thumb or simply prefer a longer-lasting option. However, the challenge with faux flowers is making them look realistic. Luckily, there are a few tricks to help you make your silk floral arrangements look like the real deal.

Choose high-quality faux stems

The first step to making faux flowers look realistic is to invest in high-quality blooms. Look for flowers that have a realistic texture and color. Avoid flowers that are overly shiny or have a plastic-like texture. 

Mix and match

When creating an arrangement, mix and match different types of flowers and foliage to create a more natural and organic look. In nature, flowers rarely grow in perfectly uniform clusters, so you want to avoid creating a bouquet that looks too uniform. Mix different types of flowers with varying heights and textures to create a more natural-looking arrangement.

Add Greenery

Adding greenery to your arrangement will make it look more natural. You can use faux foliage to fill in any gaps between flowers and add depth and dimension to your arrangement. Look for foliage that is similar in color and texture to the greenery of your flowers for a cohesive look. Here’s a pro tip from our designers: forage the greenery from your yard and mix it with faux stems to create an even more realistic look. Just make sure you put water in the vase to sustain the greens! 

Add scent

While faux flowers may look like the real thing, they don't have the same scent as real flowers. To make your faux flowers more realistic, consider adding a floral scent to the room. You can use a floral room spray or add essential oils to a diffuser to give the room a fresh and floral scent.

With the right care and technique, you can elevate the look of your faux stems to create realistic arrangements for your home. Choose high-quality blooms, mix and match different types of flowers and foliage and add a floral scent to create a more natural and organic look. No green thumb? No problem! We have you covered with quality silk and dried floral stems here at Saybrook Home. 

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