Etagere Styling 101

Etagere Styling 101

Etagere, also known as a bookcase, is a popular furniture piece that can add both storage and style to any room. But, with so many shelves and spaces to fill, it can be a daunting task to style an etagere in a way that looks organized and aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few styling tips from our designers to help you make the most of this versatile furniture piece.

Start with a plan

Before you start filling the empty spaces on your etagere, take some time to plan out how you want it to look. Consider the color scheme, the overall style you want to achieve and the items you already have on hand that you want to display. This will help you create a cohesive look and ensure that everything fits together nicely.

Create a Thoughtful Mix

When styling an etagere, it's important to mix up the items you display. This means incorporating different textures, colors, and sizes to create visual interest. A mix of books, decorative objects, and plants can create a well-balanced look. 

Vary the heights

Varying the heights of the items you display can add depth and dimension to your etagere. Try stacking books horizontally and vertically, and use decorative items of different heights to create a visually appealing display.

Group items together

Grouping items together can help create a cohesive look on your etagere. For example, you might group together books by color or topic, or group decorative items by theme or material. Groups of threes tend to be visually appealing. 

Use plants

Plants are a great way to add life and color to your etagere. Consider incorporating a mix of real and faux plants, and vary the types of plants you display. Don’t forget to consider lighting if you’re using real potted plants. Hanging plants, potted plants and succulents can all add interest to your etagere.

Play with negative space

Negative space, or the empty spaces between your items, can be just as important as the items themselves when styling an etagere. Don't be afraid to leave some shelves empty, or to group items together on one shelf to create some visual breathing room. It's important not to overcrowd your etagere. Leave some space between items, and don't try to fit too much onto each shelf. This will help keep your display looking clean and organized.

At Saybrook Home, we have a variety of case pieces and etageres for all styles. Come explore our showrooms in Glastonbury and Old Saybrook to find the perfect piece that fits your needs and lifestyle. Here are a few great options our designers recommend! 

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