Boards for Gathering Season

Boards for Gathering Season

Gathering season is upon us! Whether you’re hosting a party, or you’re showing up as a guest, a fun entertaining board is not only a crowd-pleaser, if done right, it also becomes a conversation piece. Here are some tips to help you build a board that will be as lovely as it is tasty! 

Select a Theme

A Thanksgiving charcuterie board is the OG of boards. Full of savory meats, cheeses, fruits and spreads the sky’s the limit! But, we challenge you to think beyond the traditional charcuterie display. Boards can be great for any time of day. A brunch board can take on a build-your-own waffle theme. A dessert board never disappoints - think chocolate covered strawberries, cookies and fresh whipped cream for dipping. For the holidays, a hot chocolate board is perfect for a gathering with kids.


Pick a Board

The next step is to pick your board. We have a great assortment of boards here at Saybrook Home - from wood trays to metal to mixed materials. The theme and details of your gathering will partially determine what type of board you want to choose. Do you need sides on the board? Are hot foods being served? How many guests are you expecting?

Shop your Ingredients

You don’t just want your board to look pretty, it has to taste just as good! Here’s your green light to taste test as you build your display. Select the best looking of the bunch when it comes to fruits and vegetables. You can always fill in later with the extras. Consider seasonal ingredients and decorative details. Mini pumpkins in the center of a fall board are playful and make a beautiful focal point. Consider color and texture. The rich hues of ripe figs and the silky texture of fresh rosemary sprigs are not to be underestimated! 


Build Your Board

Now comes the fun part … building your board! Start with the larger items and work your way down to the smaller items. If you’re using spreads, or anything that needs a dish, set those on the board first as anchor points and work out from there. Add fun finishing touches like fresh herbs or edible florals. 


Time to Gather

Round up your favorite group of friends and family and dig in! 

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