Sunshine Ready: Get Your Windows Ready for Daylight Savings

Sunshine Ready: Get Your Windows Ready for Daylight Savings

Spring forward! Daylight Saving Time is just around the corner, bringing with it longer days and (fingers crossed) warmer weather. But that hour shift can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule and leave your home feeling overly bright in the early mornings.

Fear not, fellow sun-sensitive souls! Hunter Douglas offers a variety of stylish window treatment solutions to help you manage the effects of DST and create a comfortable ambience in your home.

Embrace Automation

  • PowerView® Automation: Hunter Douglas's ingenious PowerView® system allows you to automate your shades. Simply program your desired settings in the user-friendly app, and your shades will adjust automatically throughout the day. The PowerView® Hub Gen 3 even boasts smart features that can automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes! No more scrambling to adjust shades in the pre-dawn hours.

Light Filtering Finesse

  • Sheer Shades: Hunter Douglas offers a stunning array of sheer shades that provide gentle light control. Choose from various fabrics and opacities to find the perfect balance between natural light and privacy. They'll softly diffuse the bright morning sun while maintaining a light and airy feel in your space.

  • Provenance® Woven Wood Shades: These gorgeous natural shades offer a touch of rustic elegance while filtering sunlight beautifully. They come in a variety of textures and opacities, allowing you to customize the level of light control you desire.

Blackout Bliss

  • Privacy Shades: For complete darkness and uninterrupted sleep, consider blackout shades from Hunter Douglas. They're perfect for bedrooms and media rooms, creating a light-controlled environment ideal for catching those precious Zzz's in the mornings after the time change.

  • Designer Roller Shades: Don't sacrifice style for function! Hunter Douglas offers designer roller shades in a wide range of fabrics and textures, many with blackout capabilities. This allows you to achieve total light control while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic in your home.

Bonus Tip: Consider layering window treatments! Combine light-filtering sheers with blackout shades for ultimate control over incoming light. This way, you can adjust the level of brightness depending on the time of day and your needs.

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