Styling Your Bed Like a Designer

Styling Your Bed Like a Designer

Let’s be honest, making the bed every day can seem like a chore. But how amazing is the feeling of walking into your room after a long day and finding a neat and tidy bed ready to fall into? I know, it gives us the warm and fuzzy feelings as well!

Creating a picture perfect bed is all about the layers. Don’t be discouraged, adding more layers may require additional steps, but the end result is well worth the extra effort. We promise! 

Let’s dive into the essential components of bed styling, as compiled by our design team here at Saybrook Home. We will break down the process into five categories - sheets, quilts/coverlets, comforters/duvets, pillows and toppers. The result will leave you with a professionally made bed with all the layers plus a few fun extras. 


Luxury Linens

Starting at the bottom and working our way up, investing in high-quality bedding is the foundation of the well-appointed bed. Opt for luxurious, breathable fabrics like Egyptian cotton or percale. Start with a very neutral base so that you can switch up other elements and still get a coordinated look. 

Give the top sheet a crisp hospital tuck on the corners to keep it looking tidy. 

To read more about choosing the right set of sheets, see our blog article from last year by clicking here.

Cozy Coverlets and Quilts

The thought of adding a quilt to your bedding may give strong Grandma vibes, but, it turns out, Grandma was onto something! This essential piece of the bedding puzzle has the power to pull an entire look together and is actually very functional. Many people sleep only with the sheets and quilt, removing the remainder of the bedding and using it only like a coat for the bed. Coverlets and quilts offer a wide range of thicknesses, warmth and textures to play with depending on the season.  

The quilt/coverlet layer goes right on top of the top sheet. Tuck it in using the same hospital tuck method for uniformity. Fold back the top sheet and the coverlet together, exposing any stitching detail on the sheet hems. 


Comforters and Duvets

The next layer will be your comforter or duvet. Some people prefer a one-piece comforter while others opt for a plush insert within a duvet cover. Personal preference aside, both options serve the same function - dialing the coziness factor all the way up! 

Our design team suggests a tri-fold for the duvet or comforter. This will reveal a portion of the quilt from the layer beneath. 


Plush Pillows

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the numbers, sizes and placement of bed pillows. The most important thing to consider is symmetry. The bedroom is one place in your home where symmetry reigns supreme. So, depending on the size of your bed frame and the types of pillows you have or want, there are endless options for configuring your pillows as long as you keep symmetry in mind. See the graphic below for some great ideas on how to style your bed pillows, euros and throw pillows. 

Fun Toppers

At Saybrook Home, we like to top off the look with a decorative bed tray and a throw blanket for another layer of texture and interest! A tray brings instant charm to any bed. Keep in neutrally styled throughout the year, adding in a touch of seasonal decor for the holidays as needed. In a guest room, personalize it for visitors with books and other items.

A draped throw at the end of the bed is a fun way to play with another texture, pattern or a pop of color that can easily be swapped out seasonally. Just like a piece of jewelry, it’s the last addition to the ensemble. 

While our designers here at Saybrook Home all have differing opinions on how to make the bed, they can all agree that the only rule to making the bed like a designer is this: there are no rules! Personal preference and aesthetic play a huge part in styling your bed. The most important part is that the result is a place where you feel comfortable and take respite from the world. We can’t wait to see what you dream up! 

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