Solstice Stroll '24 Recap

Solstice Stroll '24 Recap

Old Saybrook turned up the heat – literally – for the second annual Solstice Stroll last Thursday, June 20th. But even scorching temperatures and sticky humidity couldn't keep the party from getting started!

The event surpassed last year's attendance, proving that the eList community continues to grow. Guests arrived as early as 4:45 p.m., eager to meet Erica Tannen, founder of eList – the shoreline's go-to guide for all things fun. It was heartwarming to see Erica greet each person with a friendly smile and a genuine hug. No wonder she's built such a devoted following!

Speaking of beating the heat, this year's Solstice Stroll introduced a game-changer: a free air-conditioned trolley to shuttle folks up and down Main Street! The crowd roared with approval as the cool chariot pulled up. Let's face it, who wants to stroll when you can roll in style - especially when its so hot out! 

A huge shout-out to all the amazing businesses who participated this year! Their support is what makes the Solstice Stroll such a success. We were thrilled to see even more shops and restaurants join the party, and we can't wait to see the list grow even bigger next year!

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