Poolside Pillows

Poolside Pillows

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, especially in sunny locales like West Palm Beach, Florida, comfort and style go hand in hand. Designer Molly Dodd understands this perfectly, as evidenced by her latest creation: a stunning set of custom pillows for longtime clients who divide their time between a seaside cottage in Old Saybrook, CT, and a vibrant retreat in West Palm Beach. These pillows, designed specifically for the pool area of their Florida home, are a testament to Molly's eye for detail and love of playful color and pattern.

The Inspiration

The design journey began with a deep understanding of the clients' lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. The pool area in West Palm Beach serves as a central hub for relaxation and entertainment, calling for accessories that are not only visually appealing but also durable enough to weather the Floridian sun and occasional summer showers.

Fabric Selection: Thibaut Locale Collection

Molly chose fabrics from the esteemed Thibaut Locale Collection for this project. Known for its rich textures and vibrant patterns, the Thibaut Locale Collection offers the perfect blend of elegance and resilience. A whimsical chameleon pattern was the perfect choice for her clients' space. 

A Vibrant Color Story

The color palette chosen for the pillows is both lively and sophisticated, reflecting the cheerful ambiance of the poolside setting. Bold blues, sunny yellows, and lush greens dominate the scene, evoking the natural beauty of the tropics. This playful color story not only adds a burst of energy to the space but also complements the surrounding landscape and pool.

Playful Patterns

One of the most innovative aspects of Molly's design is the use of playful, interchangeable patterns. This approach allows the clients to refresh the look of their pool area easily, keeping the space dynamic and engaging. A bold stripe can pair with the Iggy Chameleons just a well as with the Island Blue Turtle fabric. Whether hosting a summer soiree or enjoying a quiet afternoon by the water, the varied patterns provide endless possibilities for personalization and style updates.

Tapes and Trims: The Finishing Touches

To enhance the overall aesthetic, Molly incorporated a variety of tapes and trims from the Thibaut collection. These details add an extra layer of sophistication and texture, transforming each pillow into a unique work of art. The careful selection of trims ensures that the pillows are as durable as they are beautiful, standing up to frequent use while retaining their luxurious feel.

Throw pillows are a fabulous way to instantly elevate the look of a seating area - indoors or outdoors! Let's get started on your next project today. Click here to book an appointment with Molly. 

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