High Points of High Point Market '23

High Points of High Point Market '23

October 14-18 our design team joined industry innovators and insiders for their bi-annual pilgrimage to High Point Market, the much anticipated show where American brands debuted the latest and greatest. The days were packed with visits to showrooms from some of our favorite brands like Century, Made Goods, Wesley Hall as well as some new names we wanted to experience first hand. When all was said and done, our crew left inspired. Here are a few of the high points we are taking away from High Point Market looking ahead to 2024. 

Skirted Upholstery

A little extra piece of flair on this year’s upholstery - pleated sofas and skirted seats were noted in several showrooms at High Point Market this fall. The resurgence of more traditional upholstery styles was evident, but presented in a way even those with a contemporary eye could get behind. 


Interesting Materials 

A bit of fun was infused into High Point Market this fall in the use of creative and eye-catching materials. Cork, for example, was seen everywhere. From wallpapers to upholstery, the sustainable material is gaining traction among brands, introducing a new natural aesthetic to interior spaces. 

Our design team also noted the prevalence of burled wood at several showrooms. A standout material this year, burled wood offers a distinct and luxurious aesthetic as the unique patterns and textures created by the swirling wood grains have captured the attention of designer and furniture enthusiasts alike. 

Color: Terra Cotta

We were really digging the warm, earthy tones this fall at High Point Market this fall. Terra cotta seemed to be a color that was used frequently. With its warm and inviting tones, the use of terra cotta seemed to evoke a sense of groundedness, comfort, and connection to the natural world. 

Our team ended up snatching several samples in this color family to bring back to Old Saybrook with us for inspiration! 


Softer Shapes

Another fantastic trend from High Point Market Fall ‘23 was the sofer shapes in many furniture pieces. Our designers noted the sophisticated beveled arms on sofas at Wesley Hall and CRLaine, as well as softer curves on case pieces at Hooker and Theodore Alexander. We also took note of a curved sofa here and there, a trend we were loving! 

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