Fantas-TEAK: A Classic Choice for Outdoor Living

Fantas-TEAK: A Classic Choice for Outdoor Living

New England's charm comes with a price tag: temperamental weather. From humid, wet springs, to scorching summers to frigid winters, your outdoor furniture needs to be tough. Teak, a naturally weather-resistant hardwood, stands out as a perfect choice. But how does teak furniture age in this unique climate, and how can you keep it looking its best?

The All-Natural Gray Appeal

Unlike most woods that succumb to rot and warping, teak boasts high oil content, repelling moisture and resisting harsh elements. Here in New England, this translates to a beautiful aging process. Over time, teak's surface layer weathers from its golden brown hue to a silvery-gray patina. This natural process doesn't compromise the wood's integrity; it's simply teak's way of creating a protective barrier against the elements.

What to Expect

Here's a timeline of what you can expect as your teak furniture weathers in the New England climate:

    • Initial Months: The teak will retain its golden brown color.
    • 6 Months: A grayish cast will begin to develop on the surface.
    • 1-2 Years: The silvery-gray patina will become more prominent and consistent.

Caring for Your Teak Investment

The beauty of teak is that it requires minimal maintenance. Here's what you can do to keep your furniture looking its best:

    • Cleaning: Regularly brush off leaves, dirt, and debris with a soft brush. An occasional wash with soapy water is sufficient. Power washing is too abrasive and not recommended. 
    • Letting Nature Take its Course: While some prefer to maintain the golden brown color with teak oil, embracing the natural gray patina is perfectly acceptable and requires no intervention.
    • Deep Cleaning (Optional): For stubborn stains or if you want to accelerate the graying process, a teak cleaner can be used once a year.
    • To prevent the graying process, a teak protector can be applied seasonally. Kingsley Bate makes a teak protector to keep the wood looking golden. 

Teak: Your Long-Lasting Companion

With minimal care, your teak pieces will develop a unique character and become cherished companions for years to come. At Saybrook Home, we love the durabiliy and versatility of teak. We offer a variety of styles for outdoor living from Kingsley Bate and Jensen. Shop the selections online, or visit one of our showrooms to see more. Our design team can help you tackle one space, or an entire outdoor living oasis. 

Shop our in-stock styles online now!

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