Designer Durability: Outdoor Furniture Built to Last

Designer Durability: Outdoor Furniture Built to Last

It’s easy to have sticker shock when shopping for outdoor furniture. A quality patio set  will often cost more than you’d expect. But, trust us, this is one area where you don’t want to be stingy. 

Issues like weather, pests, sunshine and environmental elements like ocean spray or falling leaves can all take a toll on outdoor furniture. Especially in New England, our patio furniture needs to be tough as nails! 

You also want furniture that looks great in whatever type of home you’re in. It’s a pain to have to buy new furniture every time you move in order to match the style.

Fortunately, there’s a product on the market that addresses all of these issues, checking all the boxes for great outdoor furniture. High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) furniture - most notable are the popular adirondack chairs - are a perfect option! 



Rain, snow, heat, wind, ice and dust - these are all natural enemies of outdoor furniture. Lightweight furniture can also blow away in inclement weather or get destroyed in storms and hurricanes.

Another all-season furniture consideration is animal activity. Some pests and insects love to feast on wood. Wicker, a natural material made of rattan or cane, is also prone to being gnawed on or nested in by animals like spiders.

HDPE plastic furniture has a remarkable strength-to-density ratio. It’s heavy enough to not blow over. It’s strong enough to withstand whatever environmental elements it encounters, which means you can leave it outside all year round!



But did you know that furniture can fall prey to fading from the sun and rusting in coastal areas from the ocean salt spray in the air. Salt spray can even rust some stainless steel hardware.  It is important to pay attention to manufacturer recommendations. 

HDPE furniture is a terrific solution to fading problems if the HDPE is made with Ultra Violet (UV) inhibitors and stabilizers to preserve the color pigments.  Although some fading will occur over time, it typically will be hard to see with the naked eye. Plus, if you like to express yourself with color or create a color theme, HDPE typically comes in a variety of bright or earthy colors.  Saybrook Home offers brands like Breezesta which allows you to choose from 20 different colors, so you can perfectly match the outdoor aesthetic you’re going for.  



When most types of furniture get damaged (which they will), you’ll have to repair or replace them. Rust has to be scrubbed away, then the furniture will need to be repainted. Inexpensive furniture, like cheap plastic, will probably have to be replaced every year if you care about its condition and look.

HDPE plastic furniture requires very little maintenance. Because of its strength and plastic material, it’s not susceptible to common seasonal issues. 



Certain types of furniture are downright painful depending on the season – like metal in the hot summer sun. Some wicker and aluminum pieces can even be irritating to the skin - requiring extra cushions to make them functional. 

Our adirondack chairs at Saybrook Home feature elegant, contoured designs created with comfort and relaxation in mind. Just sit down and enjoy the convenience of cushionless-comfort!



From coastal cottages to urban balconies  and everything in between, HDPE plastic furniture is the most versatile style around. In customizable colors, you can build an outdoor patio set you love that complements all types of homes.


Going on now at Saybrook Home, all our HDPE adirondack chairs are 30% off. Additional savings on outdoor furniture at both our Old Saybrook and Glastonbury showrooms. 

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