American Made

American Made

At Saybrook Home, we believe in the value of knowing exactly where and how your furniture is made. It is important for us that our customers walk into the store not just to shop for furniture, but to find “their” piece of furniture. It is our goal to inspire each client to create beautiful spaces in their own homes - a reflection of their own style and aesthetic. 

Throughout our 45 years in business, we have nurtured amazing relationships with manufacturers here in the United States that offer the highest quality furniture backed by years of experience. We are proud to offer these brands and stand behind the quality of product each has to offer. 

Setting the Bar High

Our manufacturers are dedicated to honoring the history of their craft. Factory efficiency is top of mind, but never at the expense of unparalleled craftsmanship. Each of our lines holds their own keys to the trade. For example, American Leather attributes its precise upholstering techniques to personal training by Italian Master Craftsmen. Decades ago, the founder of American Leather, sought out the finest Italian talent and flew them to Dallas, Texas, to personally train its staff. For the past 30 years, American Leather has been committed to preserving these precious trade secrets and implementing them on a daily basis. 

Custom is King

Your piece of furniture is going to be a long-term companion in your home. If you do it right, you’ll never need to change it. At Saybrook Home, the combinations of fabric, trim and accessories are literally endless. Visit our store and begin your design journey. A custom piece of furniture needs to be a reflection of your personal style and support the needs of your lifestyle. The options are as limitless as your imagination! 

Earth Friendly 

The American manufacturers we work with are all similarly dedicated to sustainability practices. Through various means, each of our brands keeps a pulse on environmental impact, employing practices such as harvesting from sustainable forests and engineering for reduced scrap. At Saybrook Home, we laud these efforts and do our part to help support them. 

When you visit our showroom in Old Saybrook (and soon in Glastonbury), we want you to feel as welcome within our walls as in your own home. This philosophy has been at the heart of our business for 45 years.

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