Which Rug is Right For My Outdoor Space?

Finding the Right Outdoor Rug For Your Space

Summer is less than 3 weeks away. This is your guide to finding the perfect outdoor rug to match your needs in style and function. Find the right fit for you and visit us to explore more styles within that material. Let’s create the best outdoor living space for you, family, and friends to enjoy this summer.

01. Indoor/Outdoor Polypropylene Rugs

These rugs are handmade, lightweight, and super easy to clean. You can hose this down and let it air dry. It easily absorbs the weight of high-traffic areas. This material in an outdoor rug is the right fit for a family with little kids and lots of pets.

You don’t have to worry about rain or snow with these rugs. Leave them outside during a storm; the water simply runs right through the material and dries quickly. With UV treatment, these rugs won’t fade, which is perfect, as many of our styles come in fun, bright colors.

02. Indoor/Outdoor PVC Rugs

This material comes with a long life span and doesn’t require much maintenance. We love these rugs because you can put them in high traffic areas and forget about them; just simply enjoy. It’s a reliable rug and 100% recyclable. Similar to polypropylene, this fabric will stand up to weather, dries quickly, won’t fade in the sun, and easy to clean.

Think about placing one of these rugs in your mudroom, laundry room, or even your kitchen. They are family – and especially pet – friendly. Explore the many styles of rugs available to you in PVC material. Lots of our styles are even reversible.

03. Indoor/Outdoor P.E.T. & Polyester Rugs

These rugs come with all of the great benefits offered by PVC and Polypropylene, but with a softer feel. P.E.T. & Polyester Rugs are made by hand, with fibers that feel almost like wool. We love this type of rug in an outdoor living area. Picture a large outdoor sectional on top of one of these soft, dependable rugs. It truly establishes your outdoor area as a stylish, cozy extension of your home’s living space.

Visit our Rug Department to explore the various, wool-like, styles and colors available for your home.

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Let’s find your balance of function and style for your outdoor space. Visit us to discover the perfect material, size, and style of indoor/outdoor rug for your home.