What’s Your Design Style?

Designed by Teresa

There are particular elements that are at the heart of each design style. What are the elements of a home design that you love? Are they all within one aesthetic, or mixed across a few different styles?

Our interior designers have the experience of working within all aesthetics. No matter what your personal style is – or if yours is a blend of a few different ones – our interior designers are here to help curate your home’s look and feel.

Here are some of our favorite design styles. Which one does your personal aesthetic align with?

Coastal statement chairs


A coastal home design is inspired by weathered furniture, ocean hues, and sun-bleached white furniture with nautical accents. This design style incorporates natural materials, fabrics, and celebrates natural light. 

Contemporary Chairs


A contemporary design provides a cool, rather than a warm, feel in a room.  All very clean, straight lines with very little curvature. When incorporating case goods within this aesthetic, think about mixing materials, such as wood, leucite, and metals.

Traditional design style.


To us, a traditional design style is categorized as comfortable, classic, and casual.  It features warm, darker colors and symmetrical lines.  Featuring curved lines, like a rolled arm sofa, a traditional design feels approachable and inviting.

Modern farmhouse at Saybrook Home

Modern Farmhouse

Made popular in recent years, a modern farmhouse design style offers sleek clean lines of a contemporary aesthetic with the comfort of country living. The warmth and simplicity characterized in this aesthetic are shown in natural textures and materials, such as wood and metals.

Designed by Teresa


When you find yourself attracted to some elements of a contemporary aesthetic and other elements of a traditional style, then this is the perfect design style for you. A transitional design is classic, timeless, simple but sophisticated.  This style incorporates both straight lines and rounded profiles to create depth in your space.

Discover Your Style

Let’s discover what your personal design style is. Answer these few questions and we’ll let you know…