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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Rug


When choosing the right rug for what we like to call the fifth wall in your room, the size you purchase is crucial to the finished look. Using a too-small rug may make the room look cramped yet empty, and a rug to large will look like a poorly done wall-to-wall carpet. Here at Saybrook Home, we don’t just help you choose your rug’s style and look; we ensure the correct sizing to help your vision come to life.


In a living room, tv room, or sitting room, the front legs of sofas and chairs should all be comfortably on the rug. There should also be at least 6″ of space on the side of each furniture piece to frame out your sitting area. You can go a little bigger in rug size in this scenario, but you never want to be too small. Too small will make that one section of the room look crowded. Leave at least 1″ between the end of the rug and the wall; this way, you can expose the floor underneath and anchor the desired area. Otherwise, without this space, the rug will look like wall-to-wall flooring.

Best Sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x14′, 12’x18′

In the dining room, all dining chair legs should be on the rug when fully pulled out. If your dining table has an extendable leaf, add the additional length or width on your rug to accommodate the extra chairs and extendable table length. No chair should be half on the rug and half off or completely off when someone is seated or adjusting their seat.

Best Sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x14′

In the bedroom, your rug should extend 1 foot on each side of your bed frame. This leaves plenty of room for you to step when you’re leaving or getting into bed. Depending on the bedroom’s size, you can also afford to go with a larger size rug if it means anchoring a designated area or including your nightstands or end-of-bed bench.

Best Sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x14′

Entryway rugs or runners should be centered to and frame the front door. Rug and runner sizes in an entryway will depend on the floor space’s full length and width, additional furniture pieces, and your stairwell location (if applicable). You don’t want a rug too bulky or large to affect how the door is opened, and you certainly don’t want a rug too small to suit the walkable space. Consider the location of your front door, stairwell, and daily foot traffic.

Other areas of your home that can hold a gorgeous rug are your stairs, kitchen, and bathrooms! These areas are often reserved for runners, staircases being a more custom approach. No matter what these areas of your home look like, our design team at Saybrook Home can help you in every step of the process to find the perfect rug solutions.





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