Updating Your Master Bedroom

Now in 2022, we are celebrating the top design trends we see for this year. What better space to start with than your master bedroom?

Updating your master bedroom is one of the best ways to start your year off right; to reset and recharge. Your master bedroom should be a sanctuary of a space for you to retire at the end of your day to unwind. Comfort and style should exude from the furnishings, bed linens, decor, and lighting.

Here are our top picks for how to update your master bedroom…

01. Grasscloth Wall Covering

One of the design trends we are most excited about for 2022 is grasscloth wall coverings. Perfect to enhance the style of a powder room, dining room, or entry way… we are obsessed with how it elevates this master bedroom. If you love a cool color palette, grasscloth is a perfect way to maintain your cool palette, while still providing warmth and texture to your space.

This pale blue grasscloth has striations of paler and deeper shades of blue, which play throughout the various accessories in the room. Depending on your preferences, the grasscloth for your home can have even more drastic contrasts within the cloth or maintain its coloration throughout. Visit our showroom gallery to see the options available for you.

02. Natural Material Accents

Not only are we loving the stylistic look that the use of natural materials gives your home, but with them comes naturally better quality. Let’s start with the rug in this space. This hand-made flat weave rug provides additional texture and depth to this master. Its pattern and color variation mirrors the style of the grasscloth, providing a cohesive design. Beyond its look, this rug meets your needs for the high traffic area of your bedroom. Made of 100% New Zealand wool, this rug is durable, so you can be confident in the style and function it provides your home.

The hand-woven rug and grasscloth wall covering are establishing the color palette and warmth of this space. It is the accessorizing that enhances it to an elevated coastal design style. The natural wood and rope textures are giving us just that.

03. Layered Textures

And finally, layering different textures is a key design element for any space in your home. In 2022, we are embracing pattern mixing and texture layering. In a main living space, we would customize our frame of sofa or sectional you choose with fabric you love. We then layer and mix with throws, pillows, and differing fabrics on chairs and bongos. When it comes to your bedroom, all that layering comes into play with your bed linens.

This year, don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Don’t hold back from mixing a more feminine, medallion print with a more masculine stripe. Discover a color palette you love and experiment how you can layer it with different pieces. When tastefully done, it creates depth and intrigue to your space. This bed’s varying layers not only accomplishes a stylish look, but also provides great comfort.

Blending touches of femininity without being overwhelmingly masculine in your design is so important for a master bedroom. See how Senior Designer Jackie blended deep navies with subtle blush hues to accomplish this balance:

For your master bedroom sanctuary, there should be a balance of both – style and comfort. Layering textures is one of our favorite ways to achieve this balance. Not only with the varying materials and colors throughout the space, but also the textures and patterns of bedding.

Begin Your Journey

Don’t know where to get started to begin updating your master bedroom? Have a few ideas you love but don’t know how to execute it in your space? Our team of experienced interior designers are looking forward to helping you transform your home.

The Foundation of Comfort

The core of a comfortable and luxurious master bedroom is a quality mattress. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or at the beginning of your search for a more comfortable sleep, our designers are ready to help you.