Small Spaces, Made Special

Lately, our designers have been thinking about small spaces. Maybe you are downsizing to a condo, helping your children move into an apartment, or simply have a small space in your house that you’re not quite sure how to make special. Here are some tips from our team of interior designers, made just for you.

01. Creating depth

One of our favorite applications of wall coverings is to feature a texture or great print on one specific wall in a small space. The depth it creates helps to make the space feel larger. Not to mention, it elevates your overall design and intrigue of the room.

In this space, the textured wood anchors the design with coordinating tones, and acts as a background to let the yellow fabric on the chair truly pop.

02. Embracing natural light

Custom Furniture by Saybrook Home

Embrace the natural light that pours into your space. Transparent and reflective materials will allow the light to travel further in your space, making it feel larger. Even something as simple as this glass top side table can make the difference.

Bouncing natural light easily throughout your space will make it feel more airy. Then incorporating pieces like a plush throw blanket or your favorite toss pillow will make it a cozy, special spot.

Small spaces, made special.

03. Incorporating textures and pops of color

Our designers recently contributed to a list with the top ways to make your small space more cozy. See what they had to say about incorporating differing colors and textures to add interest to your space…