Exploring Main Street, Starting With Sip Wine Bar

Sip Wine Bar brings refined tastes from around the globe to the CT Shoreline

As a proud family business operating on Main Street for over 40 years, we strive to help support fellow businesses in our local area. The hard work of small business owners are what builds the character and charm of a town’s main street. They bring beauty and joy to us and they deserve to have their story shared. As we continue to connect with businesses in our area, we look forward to bringing you along this journey of Exploring Main Street. 

Turn left on Main Street in downtown Old Saybrook and you’ll come up on Sip Wine Bar. Still a young business, the vibe and energy that Sip offers is one of refined taste and aesthetic. Hosting a wide offering of wine, along with charcuterie boards and more, Sip Wine Bar is a place for many. For old friends reuniting, for a long overdue date night because life got too crazy, for gossiping girlfriends… Sip provides a spot for all of us to unwind, relax, and enjoy a really good glass – or bottle – of wine. 

Pouring a glass at Sip Wine Bar.

“Why couldn’t we do this?” 

Derrik, Sip Wine Bar

Donna and Derrik at Sip Wine Bar.

Donna, Buyer and Merchandiser of our Apparel Shop, and I stopped in to chat with Derrik. Sip Wine Bar is the product of his and his wife’s hard work and inspired creativity. He shared the story of them traveling in Italy, visiting cafes, and seeing how they served wines and espressos… then it just clicked. Knowing there wasn’t something like this in Old Saybrook, they simply thought, “well, why not?” They began studying, learning, and becoming certified to truly bring a quality wine tasting experience to the shoreline. 

With wine selections from all over the world, including regions such as Armenia and Lebanon, you can live out their motto, “Enjoy the world through wine.” And with various sizes available, you can enjoy at your own pace. 

Open til 10pm during the week and 11pm on Friday and Saturday, Sip brings a whole new dynamic to the area. Not only is it an option for you to stop by on your way out to dinner, it is also a place to stop by after dinner. To keep the night going a little longer over some wine, I recommend one of their delicious dessert wines. Just tell Derrik what you like and he’ll provide a recommendation of something new for you to try.

Old Saybrook is a popular spot for many to visit during the summer months. Now having a spot like Sip on Main Street, it will only enhance the energy of our downtown. With those late hours to keep the night young, a knowledgeable, excellent staff to service guests, and incredible selections from around the globe, Sip is a newfound gem of Old Saybrook. 

We can’t wait for you to stop in and enjoy your first glass. Use #SaybrookHome to tag us in your pictures there!