Old Saybrook’s Lighthouse Suite

A Coastal Escape

On the edge of Old Saybrook, looking out on both Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River, is Saybrook Point Inn. Among its most coveted accommodations available, the Lighthouse Suite offers a true coastal escape. Located at the end of Saybrook Point’s main dock, this suite provides a unique, private, and enjoyable stay. Redesigned with the guidance of two of our Senior Designers, Cheryl and Jackie, the Lighthouse Suite is a sophisticated, coastal retreat.

Local Collaboration

We are proud to offer custom, designer furniture pieces that are widely made with domestically sourced materials by American artisans. Delivering our design services and quality product to not only a local business in town, but to a staple of the Old Saybrook community has been a joy. In collaboration with the team at Saybrook Point, Cheryl and Jackie designed a coastal-inspired space for those visiting Old Saybrook and staying in the Lighthouse Suite to enjoy.

A Note from the Designers

Saybrook Point is a destination spot for Old Saybrook. With that, comes an aesthetic: a coastal style, rooted in a small-town community dynamic. We wanted to maintain the timelessness of a sophisticated lifestyle on the water, while infusing a new energy into this suite. People that stay in the Lighthouse Suite should feel happy. Happy to be experiencing our town, the incredible water view, and the quality lifestyle that Old Saybrook has to offer.

Connect with the Designers

Let’s create a timeless, coastal retreat for your home design. Saybrook Home interior designer services come with no hourly rate. Follow the designer profiles below to schedule time with Cheryl and Jackie.

Cheryl from Saybrook Home

Designed by Cheryl

Jackie from Saybrook Home

Designed by Jackie