Old Lyme Forever Home


What started out as a virtual consultation in the midst of the pandemic, finishes as a beautifully designed Old Lyme Forever Home with a mix of color and textures for homeowners Reeve and Marcia.

“Jackie always finds time for us. She always seems to find the perfect thing.”

-Reeve & Marcia

The Journey to Their Forever Home

This lovely couple lived in Suffield, but always had a love for the CT Shoreline, specifically Old Saybrook. With friends in the area as well, they decided to make the move to Old Lyme in the spring of 2020. When they closed on this house, their goal was to design and bring in furniture that truly fit. No longer did they want to feel like they were forcing old furniture into spaces. Now, in this forever home of theirs, Marcia and Reeve wanted to allow the space and the blueprint of the house to have a say in the design of the home. To help guide them through that process – they contacted Saybrook Home.

“We sent an email through the website and Senior Design Jackie answered it. We have absolutely loved working with Jackie. She took the time to talk with us about what we wanted the home to feel like, and what we were trying to accomplish.”


“She took the time to show me options so she could get an idea of our style, our likes, our dislikes. It was always, ‘well what don’t you like, so I can find what will work best.’”


When they first moved into the house, Marcia and Reeve worked on some finishings to the actual bones of the house. They painted ceilings, trims, and walls. They say Jackie just knew how to take those bones and turn them into a home with character, warmth, love, and style.

“In talking with Jackie about how we wanted to live in this space, we knew we wanted a sectional. We couldn’t really picture much else. We began the entire process by selecting the rug. It really cemented the features of the room. Same for our more formal sitting room around the corner, as well. Jackie really helped us find furniture and fabrics that showcased the rug.”


The Living Room

Now that the design Jackie curated for them has come to life, both homeowners acknowledge the living room as their favorite space of the entire design. 

“The previous homeowners had this space set up as a more formal living space. We knew we wanted to live in this room more comfortably than that. We’re kitchen people, we have a big Italian family. We loved the flow from the kitchen into this space. It’s where we spend most of our time, just sitting in here together.”

Every forever home has the spots that a family gravitates towards. It could be the extra comfy corner spot of a sectional or an extra deep lounge chair. For Reeve, it is his favorite piece of furniture that Jackie included in this design. It is found in the living room, where the family spends most time together – the leather recliner. “This is exactly where I want to be on a winter day,” he says.


From Senior Designer Jackie

It was very rewarding working with Marcia and Reeve. Despite starting as a virtual relationship, we were able to develop a trust. So much so that Marcia and Reeve truly had the confidence in me to guide them through what would work best in their space. I am so proud of the outcome of this design. It transformed this open house into a cozy and inviting home with a beautiful flow. 

To my advantage, this house had such amazing natural light, so we were able to really embrace warmth and darker tones of colors. When we began the design process, Reeve and Marcia fell in love with these beautiful Serapi rugs. Both of which became focal points for the remainder of the design, acting as a guide for the furniture and accessories. 

I really enjoy working with Serapis, they work well with wide open spaces, like what Reeve and Marcia had as a blank slate of a house. Serapis make your home visually more appealing and more welcoming. 

This entire project is one I’m grateful to have been a part of. We began this process working remotely, with virtual sessions, and despite those challenges, the outcome of the design is impeccable. At Saybrook Home, we lovingly refer to it now as the Old Lyme Forever Home project.


Delivery and Quality of The Design

The design process entails lots of time spent with fabric samples, testing out furniture, as well as creating and navigating through blueprints. At Saybrook Home, our design process does not end once a color story is established. We pride ourselves on the full service we provide – from designing, to delivery, and the quality of our furniture. Our pieces are ones that we are confident you and your family will enjoy for years to come. 

“Everything we’re getting is top quality. The finishes are amazing and everything has been true to color from the samples we looked at with Jackie.”


As for the delivery, “You would never know they have been in your house. And they are on time. When they tell you a time, that’s when they’re there.” 



Begin Your Own Design Journey for Your Forever Home

This Old Lyme Forever Home project was designed by one of our Senior Designers, Jackie. Connect with Jackie today to take the first step in your design journey and follow us for more interior design inspiration.

The painting of this home was done by Reeve Moore Painting.


Jackie from Saybrook Home

Designed by Jackie