Forever Beach Home

In the Designer’s Words

When working on a design project, my job as your interior designer is to grasp your personal aesthetic. This project was different, however, because it was in collaboration with a local real estate agent to prepare this forever beach home to go on the market.  The design process started for me when I asked the question “what does the house feel like?” 

Overlooking Long Island Sound down by the beach of Old Saybrook, this home needed a livable, approachable, coastal design.  I wanted to give clients looking for a new home the opportunity to visualize how they can best live in this beach house – balancing function and elevated design.

Balancing Style and Function 

While still having a cohesive look, each space has a different feel and a distinct purpose. No matter what mood you are in, there is a unique and special place in the home that will suit your needs. 

An intimate breakfast with your partner? Enjoy the breakfast nook surrounded by windows off of the kitchen.

Quiet time with a good book? Curl up in the statement rattan chairs in the living space. 

Hosting a large gathering? The main dining space in the back sunroom connects the outdoor area to the living area. And features lots of seating.

Need a little escape? Find yourself in the upstairs sunroom that is incredibly cozy, a bit separate from the rest of the home, and has lots of natural light. 

Having the family over and kids need a space to play? Retreat to the basement for a kid zone and a coffee table large enough to throw a board game down.

The Bedrooms

Each bedroom’s design began with the bed frame. Despite featuring different materials and textures, they all stay true to the coastal vibe of the home.  The bedding was key in giving each bedroom a unique voice and feel.  I incorporated special pieces, allowing the individual spaces to take on a life of their own.  Every bedroom causes you to pause and appreciate their individual beauty – whether it’s from the materials, the textures, or interesting lines of a furniture piece.  

Connect With Me

I’m Teresa, one of the Senior Designers of Saybrook Home. I look forward to working with you on creating the perfect design – to balance your personal aesthetic and how you live in your home. Follow my designer profile below to send me a message and get started.

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