Cozy Contemporary

This home is nestled in the beautiful greenery lining the Connecticut River. Featuring various living spaces with a cozy, contemporary feel, this house was designed and staged by Senior Designer Cheryl.

In The Designer’s Words

The homeowners lean towards a more contemporary design aesthetic. So when designing for this home, I really wanted to find ways to meet their contemporary style with a sense of comfort. The sofas featured in every living space have a clean track arm, a more modern look. With fun, textured pillows and throws, I was able to layer textiles to make them all super cozy. Playing with fabrics in this way is one of my favorite tricks to blend an elevated design look with pure comfort.

The Moroccan hand-knotted rug in the upstairs living room is another element that balances style and coziness. It offers a more casual feel, with a luxurious plushness to it. This style of rug definitely grounds a room in comfort.

Metals and different stones are featured throughout the home, but are made soft with the fabric choices surrounding them. Mixing natural materials, along with various ceramic pieces and different wood finishes, really took this home to an elevated space.

One of the living spaces in the house has a pair of show-stopping statement chairs. They have sleek wood stained arms, which creates bold design lines for a true contemporary style. Paired with such a playful fabric though, allowed it to connect with the rest of pieces in the room. This is a space where the homeowners can curl up with children and grandchildren, to chat, watch TV, or simply enjoy their incredible view. The statement chairs are swivels, of course, to just swing right around and take in the beauty of the Connecticut River.

Let’s Connect

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Cheryl from Saybrook Home

Designed by Cheryl