A Total Transformation

From a lamp, to an entire design…

John was in the process of refreshing the rooms throughout his home. On the hunt for a new lamp for his dining room, John found his way to Saybrook Home. It was Jackie, one of our Senior Designers, who welcomed him into the store and helped him discover a beautiful lamp for his dining room. This lamp would soon result in a total transformation for John’s home. 



In getting to know John, Jackie learned he was slowly working to update his home. From helping John to find the perfect lamp, Jackie then designed custom window treatments for the two front rooms of John’s house – the dining room and living room. John decided on the Silhouettes shade design from Hunter Douglas with stationary panel drapes. The custom blue tapes on the drapes are a signature for Sr. Designer Jackie – a crisp, clean look for any home. They became the perfect anchor to begin tying these rooms together.  

This project continued to evolve from here, as John then asked Jackie to design a total transformation of that front living room. It was a seamless collaboration between Jackie and John and resulted in a drastic, yet beautiful change for this home.


The Design Process

“John had pretty much transitioned his whole house with the exception of this room,” Jackie stated. “I visited his home and it really helped to see the surrounding spaces: his entry way, his dining room, and his family room. There were pieces that inspired me as well, like the custom drapes we did for him and the navy grasscloth wall covering in his dining room. From there, I was able to envision what the living room could be. The final design truly completes and elevates the overall flow of John’s home.”

John absolutely loved this piece of art, which is now hanging over his sofa, when he saw it in-store. As the first thing that entered the space before everything else around it transformed, it really became the focal point to show the evolution of this room. 

After going on this journey with Sr. Designer Jackie – all of which began with that single lamp for his dining room – we asked John to describe his favorite part of this process: 

“Jackie took the time to understand me and what I was trying to accomplish. I didn’t want something overly feminine, but also not too masculine, Jackie understood that. The key for me was feeling comfortable with the person I was going to work with for this project. Jackie had my best interest in mind throughout the whole process. That was probably the best part.”


Transform Your Home

It has been an especially rewarding experience watching this transformation unfold for John’s home. Do you have a project for your home that you have been thinking about? No matter what size – one room or your entire home – our team of experienced designers are ready to help you transform your house into the home you have always wanted. Browse through our Designer Galleries to see some of our designers’ most recent projects and connect with them to begin your transformative journey today. 


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Jackie from Saybrook Home

Designed by Jackie