Obsessions | Enjoy The Ultimate Guide For Father’s Day

Growing up, my father was always in the yard, either perfecting the landscaping, cutting the lawn, or adding new stones to our front patio area. Whenever my siblings or I were looking for where our dad was, we usually got the answer, “Oh, I don’t know, somewhere in the yard.” 

Every dad has their thing or hobby – whether it’s playing golf, landscaping, hiking, or simply sitting in his chair at the end of a long day to catch up with family, or watch the game. What’s your dad’s thing?

Discover the Perfect Gift

For Father’s Day, we want to help you cherish and celebrate the father in your life, no matter if it’s the father of your kids, your dad, maybe a step-dad, or grandfather. Even someone special who simply was like a father to you in life, it’s important to take the time to acknowledge them. 

This week, I asked the fathers of Saybrook Home what is on the top of their wish list for this year’s Father’s Day. With their guidance, along with fun new arrivals in store, we are confident you’ll find the perfect gift. 

“What’s At The Top of Your Wish List…?”

A Stressless recliner is at the top of my wish list; it is extremely comfortable. I’ve got a bad back, and knowing these chairs are backed by the American Chiropractic Association just makes me feel extra confident I will love it. It’s a quality chair that will last for years and help your overall wellbeing. 

With various styles and colors available, it would be special knowing my children picked out one of these recliners just for me. Lounging back in it after a long day at work would make my evenings even more enjoyable.

We just got in store the Solo Stove Fire Pits. Although it comes in three sizes, the largest pit, the Yukon, is on the top of my list. 

It comes in the slick circular stainless steel design and would be an awesome addition to any backyard patio. Not only is it a great gift, but this will be the center of fun experiences with my kids in the future.

The Adirondack chairs we have available in poly-wood are at the top of my list, for sure. This splinter-free material looks and feels great. It will stand up to mold, mildew, any rain or windstorm – which living along the shoreline is important. That salty wind definitely can do some damage over time, but not against the HDPE material this furniture is made of. 

These chairs provide you with the confidence in their durability and functionality. Beyond that though, I know my son would select a fun color, as these come in over 20 possibilities. Our Adirondack chairs will compliment any backyard patio or front porch, making it the perfect touch to sit down with your kids and enjoy quality time together.

My top wish list item is one of the hand-knotted Serapi rugs from our Rug Department. Every single one is different, instilled with the creativity and individuality of being made by hand. With the naturally dyed tones of navy, red, and gold, these rugs really are beautiful pieces of artwork. 

It would certainly be special knowing that my kids picked out a one-of-a-kind piece; and then to have the rug live in a space, such as our dining room or living room, it would serve as the environment for future family memories… that’s definitely special. 

I love the Faherty Brand we have here in our Apparel Shop. I have been eyeing lots of the new pieces coming in and they look so comfortable. The pieces that Donna selects always have the perfect balance of comfort and style.

If I had to pick one specific thing, then the new Whitewater Sweatshorts would be it. They are the kind of clothing that’s perfect to wear on a day off, spent with my daughter this summer. 

And much more…

These pieces are just the beginning of what you can find in store for Father’s Day. In the Home Shop, we have everything needed for the father that loves to grill, with quality grilling utensils from Gentlemen’s Hardware. 

We look forward to seeing you in store this week and helping you discover just the right gift that will bring a smile to your dad’s face. 

On behalf of all of us, we wish the father in your life a safe and very happy Father’s Day. We’ll see you soon!

~Your Friends at Saybrook Home