Obsessions | Master Bath: A space to relax and pamper

Enhance your master bath.

We don’t need to wait for the start of a new season, or even the start of a new year to begin a new practice.

When’s the last time you’ve checked in with yourself? It’s important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, in the best way you can. After all, you simply cannot be there for your loved ones, for your work, or your friends, if you are not fully taking care and showing up for yourself. 

No matter how small or simple your self-care practice is, it is crucial. It can be a simple 15 minute bath at the end of the day. Or a few minutes alone to light a candle and use your favorite skin care products. It can be tidying up your bedroom to make sure you wake up in an organized, stylish space for a fresh start to the day. To help you in your self-care practices, we want to share our obsessions for your master bath. This space can be a sanctuary for you. A place to escape, to take a deep breath and unwind.

Establish Your Sanctuary with the Right Window Treatments

Our first step in establishing your master bath as a sanctuary is to create the balance of light, privacy, and design. The right window treatments can create the perfect balance for you. The first thing to think of for your window treatments is functionality. If you have a large tub in front of a window as the focal point of your master bath, then Hunter Douglas’s Top Down Bottom Up style allows you to bring in natural light, while still maintaining privacy at the bottom of your windows. Cordless and automatic operating systems also provide increased functionality, so you don’t have to lean over a tub or try to fit behind it to adjust the height of your shades.

Find the right window treatments for your master bath.

Functional operating systems are just the beginning of Hunter Douglas. With various materials to give off varying opacities, as well as a mix of textures and elements, you can find the perfect combination of functionality and design for your master bath. Whether you have a coastal style featuring natural materials, or a modern, sleek look with dark colors as accent points against clean white walls, there is a Hunter Douglas design that is perfect for you. Our Window Treatments department looks forward to working with you, to discover your style.

Select Your Linens to Bring Comfort, Style, and Function

Find the perfect linens for you.

Our Bath Shop, nestled in the middle of our Home Shop, features a wide selection of towels ranging in neutral, bright, and pastel colors. Our collection of towels are from Matouk, the company of nearly a century, known for their luxurious handcrafted linens. When you shop Matouk, you can be confident in their quality and craftsmanship. With various colors available, along with hand towels we carry from Anali, your master bath will be stocked for function, style, and luxury. 

If you love that sleek white linen look for your master bath, you can add a special, personalized touch with our monogram hand towels. Perfect for newly-weds or as a gift to a friend or loved one, these fine linens add just the right amount of detailing to a bathroom without overhauling the entire design. 

Monogram bath towels.

Pamper Yourself With The Skin Care Line Inspired By The Sea

The skin-care market is so flooded that it’s sometimes hard to decipher true quality of one product over another. Our Home Shop only carries products of proven quality, and luxurious brands to stock in your master bath. Among our top favorite is Inis, the Energy of the Sea. 

Inis, the German word for island, was created through the inspiration of Roundstone Beach, located on the western coast of Ireland. They are a company that fully encapsulates everything we love – the coast and support for small business. Inis conducts their business through local business channels, and offers products that are nutrient-rich of seaweed extract and sea minerals to rejuvenate and deeply moisturize your skin.

Inis skin care products inspired by the sea.

Not only is this brand good for your skin by promoting long-lasting hydration, but it is paraben-free, made in Ireland, and never tested on animals. With its rich scent, you will immediately be transported to your favorite spot on the coast whenever you use these products. Stop by our Home Shop to view our Inis collection – from aroma sticks, perfumes, hand lotions, and more – to discover your own Inis collection for your master bath. 

Elevate the Ambiance of Your Master Bath 

Lastly, we want to leave you with one of our top choices for candles. These colorful candles come in various styles and offer the perfect amount of warmth in their flame and color in their wax. Not only will they enhance the ambiance and style of your master bath, but you can be confident in their quality. These are clean-burning and environmentally-friendly candles. Their wax is clear and odorless, offering a smokeless burn down their fully cotton wick. With long burn times, and that beautifully organic distressed look, these candles are perfect to light while taking a bath, or when you are simply unwinding at the end of the day and applying your favorite products from Inis. 

Design the Master Bath You Deserve

Whether you are looking for a few simple accessories to add to your master bath, or a complete redesign of the space, we look forward to helping you design the master bath you deserve. The style, comfort, and functionality of this space is more than just a pretty room. It is your space to relax, unwind, and take care of you. 

Stay connected with us, and be on the look out for more about our home accessories and quality skin care products we know you’ll love.