How To Blend Different Design Styles

If you prefer a coastal style, but your partner would love a more contemporary feel, how are you supposed to blend the two? Here are some of the ways our interior designers blend different design styles within one home.

Perfect Pairings

Think about pairings of differing frames within your space. This open concept living space of an Old Saybrook home designed by one of our Senior Designers, Jackie demonstrates this perfectly. A sleek, track arm sofa pairs with a traditional rolled arm chair and a half through a cohesive color palette. Blending two different styled frames creates a dynamic, intriguing design.

Mixing Materials

Teresa, Senior Designer, recently completed a home design for an Old Saybrook beach home. It is dominantly a coastal styled home, with rattan and coastal-inspired blues and whites. With four bedrooms, however, Teresa mixed materials, to blend in another design style. The corner bedroom that looks out towards Long Island Sound offers a coastal design with a contemporary twist.

When looking to combine two design styles in an elevated way, think about materials you can mix together. This bedroom features frames that are transitional in style, but within the coastal blue color story established in this house, it falls in line with a coastal feel.

Designed by Teresa

Explore the mixed materials throughout this entire home.

Combining Frame & Fabric

Beyond pairing different frames or different materials within your space, think about ways you can customize a singular furniture piece to bring together varying design aesthetics. Jackie loves combining styles through blending frame and fabric.

“The Ryland sofa sits like a dream. It has a very low track arm, making it a contemporary-looking frame. With this frame, I love to combine it with a more casual, comfortable fabric. A light fabric, a linen perhaps, will bring this contemporary style into a coastal or even a cottage feel.

If you have a home down by the water, but prefer a contemporary style – then blending the two with your fabric and frame choice is a great way to go.”


You can even think about mixing a contemporary piece – like a live edge dining table with upholstered pieces to give it a cozier, cottage-y feel. Jackie completed this dining room design in an Old Saybrook home.

Customizable Dining Chair

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