Grasping Grandmillennial

It’s no secret that the hottest new interior design trend includes your family’s heirlooms and antiques instead of modern, matching furniture pieces. There’s absolutely a tasteful way to mix old with new while incorporating bold floral patterns with classic china. This Grandmillennial style is the epitome of the effortlessly put-together design. Chinoiserie vibes and childhood remembrances make this style so attractive in 2021!

There are no written rules on what you can and can’t include in your final design, but we at Saybrook Home have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you achieve the final design you’re looking for!



One of the key ingredients to a successful home design is adding bold and unique patterns to your walls, window treatments, tablecloths, upholstered furniture fabrics, and rugs. However, you don’t want to mix too many patterns to compete with each other! Pick a common color, or color scheme, to include in every pattern so that even though they may seem contrasting, they’re really layered and coordinating. Plaids, toile, and other floral patterns are the best for avoiding a disorganized pairing.



Since this design style includes antiques, there’s no matching rule! Use the broken-up dish set you have to compliment the new set of tabletop linens you want to display, or use your great-grandmother’s end table to decide what wood and finish you want for your new coffee table! This style is all about your personality, so have fun with it!




One of the newest home trends is Needlepoint! While we were all home for quarantine, new hobbies like baking banana bread and completing puzzles became highly popular because they didn’t include social media sites and technology. Alongside those hobbies, needlepoint has also become an obsession. The mindless activity is “meditative” and relaxing and doubles as home decor or functional accessories once completed! Even if you don’t want to stitch on your own, a huge ingredient of the Grandmillenial style is Needlepoint; whether in your pillows, rugs, ottomans, or wall decor form.




Chinoiserie has been around for centuries, and the Asian-influenced decor isn’t going anywhere! Chinoiserie is a wonderful accent to include in home designs and comes in many forms and colors. The most popular today are porcelain and ceramic jars, vases, tea sets, and more. The blue and white patterns originally debuted on functional ginger jars but are used today on decorative pieces in all forms.





Grandmillenial Interior Design may seem like a new trend, but it actually comes from an age-old desire for comfort, history, and craftsmanship. We at Saybrook Home believe your home decor should tell a story, and this movement is the perfect way to achieve just that. Nostalgia and quality are easy to obtain while incorporating modern statements and emotional connections into your home.






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