Outdoor Furniture

Never worry about maintaining the original Dune Teak color.







  • An innovative engineered polymer composed of unique virgin plastics to create beautiful and durable furniture and tabletops.
  • Offers the appearance of natural teak wood.
  • Colored throughout.
  • Produced with UV inhibitors.
  • High strength material stabilized with an aluminum structure in long spans.
  • Water repellent with a minimal level of moisture absorption.
  • Does not stain from common household liquids.
  • Fully recyclable and free from known hazardous materials.
  • Covered by a five-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.








  • Since materials used for construction have not been recycled, this makes them more durable and longer-lasting.
  • The blend of colors in each piece creates the appearance of real wood without the maintenance.
  • Makes minor repairs simple by using a medium non-scratching sanding pad.
  • Minimizes fading and maintains its natural look over time.
  • Prevents warping in tables and long spans of the sofa.
  • Resists spills and rain beads on the surface rather than being absorbed.
  • Cleaning with mild soap and water soon after spills will prevent staining.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Provides confidence that the product is reliable and we’ll stand behind it.






At Saybrook Home, we have a unique drain-through cushion that combines a variety of features to make it the best cushion for outdoor applications.

Available for Premier and Select collection styles only, the DRAINABLE cushion is a composite of multiple layers of premium quality thermally bonded conjugate fibers. Conjugate fibers are small spirals that spring against one another. This springing action will allow moisture to rush through the fibers and also increase the life of your cushion.

The middle section of the cushion is a firm core conjugate fiber that provides body and durability. Added to the core are intermediate layers also made of conjugate fibers. The quick-drying construction minimizes the opportunity for mold and mildew. Each cushion core is encased in a thin fiber wrap to give the cushion its final great feel and appearance.

You have an option for your cushions to be reversible (meaning you can occasionally flip them as needed) or with a drain cloth at the bottom. The drain cloth is a synthetic mesh material sewn into the underneath of the cushion. It allows moisture to flow through quickly speeding up drying time so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space very soon after it rains.






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