The Living Room

The main living space of your home is a spot for everything. For relaxing, for conversation and fun, for your kids to lounge around, for you to unwind at the end of the day. Your living space must be a comfortable, functional, stylish space. No matter what your personal design style is, our mission is to deliver quality furniture pieces for your home.

Our showroom gallery features sofas, sectionals, armchairs, recliners, coffee tables, side tables, book casings, ottomans, sideboards, and more. Are you at the beginning of the process? Explore our showroom for inspiration and ideas. Each piece you see is carefully curated and selected by our talented team to be on our showroom floor. When you are ready, our designers are here to answer any of your questions.

Customized For You

At Saybrook Home, you have the ability to customize our pieces to be exactly what you want for your home. Browse our showroom to see the frame of a sofa you love. Experience sitting on various fillings to find the one you prefer best. Then sit down with one of our designers in our Fabric Room to select your custom fabric and any finishing details.

Beyond customizing a sofa for your home, you can work with one of our designers to design your entire living space. From the furniture, to the rug, the window treatments, lighting, and accessories, our designers can curate it all for you. Browse our designer galleries to see some of our designers’ past projects. Connect with us today to begin your own journey in transforming your house into the home you always imagined it could be.

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