Upholstered Furniture Customizations

Do you wish a fabric’s stripes could run horizontally instead of vertically? Are there two fabrics that you want to collage on a chair? Do you love a fabric’s pattern, but you’re concerned with how it will be upholstered?  At Saybrook Home, you have nothing to fear, as we can take care of all of that!  When you order an upholstered piece from us, we have the unique capability of customizing exactly how your fabric will be applied!

From dining chairs to sofas, your upholstered piece can be exactly as you wish. If you choose a patterned fabric, our manufacturers can create a seamless application, so the patterns look entirely uninterrupted all around.


Our manufacturers cut each pattern individually to center the design and create an uninterrupted pattern flow carefully. Stripes and plaids are matched in every direction throughout the entire piece of upholstery. Even welts are precisely placed so that stripes and plaids flow flawlessly. The difference shows!



Another capability we have at Saybrook Home is a fabric application known as a “collage.” A collage is when you use multiple fabrics to cover one piece of furniture. With this application, we can use a more extravagant and delicate fabric on the back and sides while the more functional part of the chair holds a more durable fabric. This technique is wonderful to achieve a designer look for a lesser price, and will even last longer in the end if you choose a performance fabric on the seat.



Decorative Treatments also play a huge role in your upholstered pieces overall look. Legs, skirts, bandings, contrast welts, and fringes can all be incorporated into your final design to truly help elevate the final look. Contrast and accent pillows can also be completely custom with your choice of contrasting welt, brush fringes, rope welts, and decorative tapes.

We understand custom designing your furniture may seem overwhelming; that’s why we’re here to help! Our talented team of designers is here to make the process as easy and enjoyable as they can. Schedule a design appointment today to get your project started!


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