Data Entry Coordinator

How did you get started in the industry? Growing up, I have always had a passion to re-design and re-organize rooms throughout my home. I loved art & design elements in my early childhood, and my friends and family have always asked for my eye in remodeling. I remember going to job sites with my father, who is a carpenter, and enjoyed seeing and rearranging his clients’ room in my mind. The aspect of design and holding great clientele, being the people person I am, go hand in hand. Therefore, I started right here at Saybrook Home!

What is a hidden talent you have? I am a dancer of 15 years! Starting at three years old, I have grown up to master tap, jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, and contemporary dance. Not only is it my favorite recreational hobby, but also my favorite competitive sport as well as an excellent outlet for personal growth and where I met my best friends!

Who is the biggest influence on your professional career? Honestly, my family has been my biggest support system. Guiding me through career changes and teaching me to find what makes me happy, they all have lifted me to help me achieve confidence. They have taught me to be humble, kind, and enjoy the best parts of life. I love them with all my heart and appreciate their support.

If clients could only know one thing about you? I grew up with a strong core family, personal values, and morals, making respect and loyalty to others a priority! Therefore, I am here to help achieve your big picture! 

Where is your happy place? My “happy place” would be on the water. Whether that be by boat or ashore, ocean or lake, it is such a joy to feel relaxed and connected with the world itself. Throw friends and family, good tunes into the mix, and it becomes a blessing.

Proudest non-work-related accomplishment? This would be staying honest and true to myself while I continue to grow up, as well as being a good and loyal friend to others. There is nothing more rewarding in life for me than knowing that people can rely on me and Vice Versa.


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