Senior Designer

Teresa has a background in retail management and merchandising in the apparel and home furnishings industry.  She carried her creative talents and organizational skills to the garment center/ apparel industry, where she worked for approximately ten years as a Sales Assistant and then an Executive Assistant for prominent apparel manufacturers.  After leaving the garment center, Teresa continued as an Executive Assistant in the media, marketing, and advertising industry.  Recently she stepped away from the Executive Assistant role and returned to apparel merchandising while returning to school to pursue a certificate in Interior Design.  It has been a long-term goal of Teresa’s to enter the interior design field and begin a career in this industry.




How did you get started in the industry? I am very excited to have joined the Saybrook Home team.  Previously, I worked in home furnishings but in a retail manager capacity.  I am thrilled to now be on the design side and to be a part of such a talented team of designers.

Who is the biggest influence on your professional career? I am fortunate to have been surrounded by strong leaders throughout my professional career who have been amazing mentors.   They embodied success through hard work and determination.

If your clients could only know one thing about you, what would you like them to know? While I am new to the role of Design Associate, I am always happy to help and am dedicated to assisting my clients find the product that speaks to them and their design style.

What is one hidden talent that you have? My hidden talent is that I can bake great brownies and cookies.  I consider this a hidden talent because I only bake for my nephews.

Where is your “happy place”? My happy place is wherever my family and friends are. 

What is your proudest non-work-related accomplishment? I am very proud of myself for returning to school to pursue a Certificate in Interior Design.

What is your favorite movie?  Why? Two of my favorite movies are PS I Love You and  Leap Year.  Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy with the beautiful scenery of Ireland?!?!

What is your perfect day? Any day outside relaxing and enjoying nature.



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