Susan (Suzy)

HR | Business Office Manager

Suzy brings to Saybrook Home years of experience working with family-owned businesses as the Director of Human Resources and Accounting Manager. She worked in every department at her first retail company and learned first-hand how to provide excellent customer service. Her many roles lead her to a passion for Human Resources, where she pioneers for top talent, works toward offering a congenial work environment for the staff of Saybrook Home, and inspires people to “love their jobs even more.” In such a creative and dynamic work environment, Suzy has found unique ways to build teamwork throughout Saybrook Home by conducting fun employee events, challenges, contests, and more. Suzy is a genuine team leader and an advocate for her employees as well as management, bringing a positive harmony to Saybrook Home.

Suzy loves the beach and adores her kitty “Sweetie Pie.”  She is a true New Englander as a Red Sox and Patriots fan. With all of that enthusiasm, it’s no wonder there is such a high level of employee satisfaction at Saybrook Home!


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