Senior Designer

Debbie is a UCONN graduate with a BS in Interior Design and Floriculture minor.  Her career has taken her all over the world in the floral design and product development industry.  Debbie earned the AIFD status of elite designers in 1991, which opened the field of design, event planning, and innovative art forms.  She believes that her clients’ primary focus should be the comfort, quality, and individual style.  To that end, her style is eclectic – encompassing color, texture, and comfort.  Most importantly, her focus is always customer satisfaction, which she achieves by collaborating with them to create a comfortable atmosphere.


How did you get started in the industry? Interior Design was my college major, with a floriculture minor.  Floriculture took me into my first career, but both always included design, color, texture, space, and value. With industry changes, I was brought to SH.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? In 2004 I chaired an international symposium in NYC!  Each summer the floral industry hosts an international symposium, AIFD.  The programs include the elitist design programs anyone could witness and are meant to educate and entertain.  I was responsible for each program, product donations, logistics, donations, transportation, and the list goes on!  My second accomplishment was presenting my own design program in Washington D.C.

What hidden talents do you have? On top of interior design, I am a floral designer and event planner!

What is your “happy place”? I’m happiest sitting under my gazebo on a beautiful summer night, listening to music! But Hawaii would be my next choice!

What is your fondest memory of working at Saybrook Home? I was able to help a client relocate, refurnish, and enjoy her new home with her children. Her thanks spoke volumes to me!


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