Senior Designer

Bridgette is a passionate designer who believes that the power of beautiful interiors can influence daily life. Prior to receiving her BA in English, she attained her associate degree in Interior Design at Chamberlayne College in Boston. She has worked in both the interior and fashion design industries for over 15 years. As a managing consultant at both Domain in northern VA and Barami in DC, she gained significant knowledge of color, lighting, fabrics, and textiles as well as furniture design. After becoming a licensed VA Realtor in 2013, Bridgette employed her design skills, attention to detail, and forward-looking outlook to transform her team’s listings for spectacular professional photoshoots. Having worked with clients on a variety of projects, she feels that each personality is unique, like paint on a canvas, and listening is the key to creating an exceptional design. Upon returning to New England with her husband and three sons, she has found her home as a Designer at Saybrook Home.


How did you get started in the industry? I was always interested in designing and started as a young teen!  My family owned an old colonial home in Massachusetts, and I helped renovate and decorate all 21 rooms of it.  From that experience, the passion for design has stayed with me ever since!

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? I love it when I am working with a couple who has drastically different opinions on what they want, and after listening to both I am able to find the perfect solution.  It’s the best to see my clients smile, knowing that they are happy with how their project turned out!

What hidden talents do you have? I have two!  Singing and cooking!  You can oftentimes find me singing some Fleetwood Mac while cooking either my famous lasagna or meatloaf!

What is your “happy place”? Sailing with friends and family.  When I first met my husband, we lived down in Virginia about an hour away from Annapolis.  I had never sailed before, but he had a boat and taught me how.  We would take weekend trips on the boat, sailing all around the Chesapeake Bay and staying on the boat.  Once we had children sailing drifted to the wayside, as it is hard to keep track of three boys while also sailing a boat!  We’ve recently reconnected with our sailing passion, and we have been able to teach our three boys now that they’re a bit older!

What is your fondest memory of working at Saybrook Home? Traveling to visit one of our manufacturer’s factories down in North Carolina with my fellow designer, Molly.  It was so neat being able to see the process of upholstery being built from start to finish and to meet the people who build these handcrafted masterpieces.  We also had several very fun dinners, which I would share more about but I might get in trouble!


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