Dining Together, In Your Own Style

Coastal dining set from Saybrook Home

With Labor Day now behind us, we are in full swing back-to-school mode. The air is definitely feeling crisper and the wind is no longer as warm as it used to be. Despite going through this every September, getting back into that groove of packed schedules for you and your kids takes a little bit of adjusting.

Growing up, one thing that always held constant through the hectic back-to-school transition, was dining together as a family. My older siblings would be at rehearsals or basketball practices, I would be coming back from dance class, my parents were tired from their work day… yet we all united at the end of the day to share some time together. No matter how crazy our individual days were, this time was a routine and helped to ground us after a busy day.

Looking back now, I realize why my parents put such effort into at least having a little bit of time together as a family, dining together. It were those moments that kept us close – where we shared the highs, the lows, the laughs from the day.

As you and your family are finding your groove in your new back-to-school routine, we want to share some of our favorite dining sets in store. These pieces, ready to be custom designed for your home, will be the foundation for your family. A place to gather around, no matter how hectic the day, to make the memories that you and your children will remember always.

The Breakfast Nook

I asked some of our Senior Designers what their current top choice of dining set is in the store. Senior Designer Molly did not hesitate to answer with this one – a beautifully crafted round table, four-chaired dining set, new to the store.

I think this is perfect for a family, as a breakfast nook, to share a few moments in the morning together or for a little bit more of a casual dining space for dinner. The details are impeccable and the stains of the chairs and table show the natural lines in the wood. The perfect canvas to feature organic and natural tones in your home accessories, like these handmade napkins from our Home Shop.

The Formal Dining Space

If you prefer to have a more formal dining space, especially within a formal dining room rather than a little nook off of your kitchen, then Design Associate Cheryl’s top pick for dining sets is for you. This rectangular table is just the right size for larger families, or for when you have a few guests over for the holidays or dinner parties. The chairs at the head of the table allow for you to truly customize this set to your home with the beautiful featured fabric on the back. At Saybrook Home, we love to provide you with these details. From fabric choice to stain finishes, your dream pieces can become your reality.

Formal Dining from Saybrook Home

The Organic Dining Experience

Senior Designer Jackie immediately thought of our live edge dining tables when I asked her about her favorites we have in store. Our live edge tables vary in size and finish, each one unique.

Jackie recently used a live edge dining table in a home she designed right here in Old Saybrook. Throughout the entire design of this Saybrook Coastal Elegance project, Jackie infused natural, organic touches. It is a great source of inspiration for you to browse and view the entire home.

Just the Beginning

Beyond these top picks from some our Saybrook Home team, is a wide variety of dining options in store. From even more casual spots to additional formal options, we’re confident you will find a dining set you love. Our team of experienced designers is ready to help you dine in your own way, in your own style.

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