Designing Your Master Bedroom | With Senior Designer Jackie

Luxury Bedding from Saybrook Home

When designing your master bedroom, always start with your bed. That’s your focal point. Once you have a frame, you have a guide for the remaining pieces around it. Upholstered headboards add texture and soften any wood you have in your room – whether that’s wood flooring or case pieces. What I really enjoy when designing a master bedroom for my clients are the programs that we offer at Saybrook Home. We work closely with American craftsmen, so you can truly select your shape, your height… all the details for your bed.

Master bedroom design by Jackie

After your bed, the rug in your master bedroom is the next biggest staple to think about. Again, this is a great way to break up the wood of your design, as most people have wood flooring. Our extensive collection of one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted rugs allow you to have a true piece of artwork in your bedroom. The colors of your rug, its subtle hues or bold shades, then lead to selecting bedding and artwork for your bedroom.

As a general rule, a queen bed usually fits best with an 8’x10′ rug. A king sized bed is best with a 9’x12′. You want the rug to begin right at the front of your nightstands. When you get out of bed, you’ll feel the coziness, the softness under your feet.

Master Bedroom Design

Now, for the bedding, I tend to lean towards subtle bedding. Something crisp, clean, classic. Not only does it create a timeless look, but it’s also spa-like. I believe your master bedroom should make a statement in terms of design. But it’s also your space for respite at the end of a long day. It should exude comfort and style.

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Whether you are looking to update, refresh, or totally redesign your master bedroom… We’re here to help. Our interior design services come with no hourly charge.