August 27, 2020

Michael comes to Saybrook Home with a very natural talent for all things visual and design. For the previous ten years, Michael was a Regional Visual for a high-end clothing store where he supported 40+ stores with their individual merchandising and visual needs. Out of those 40+, he precisely mapped out and planned over 35 new stores, including the NYC flagship store.


March 3, 2020

Bridgette is a passionate designer who believes that the power of beautiful interiors can influence daily life. Prior to receiving her BA in English, she attained her associate degree in Interior Design at Chamberlayne College in Boston. She has worked in both the interior and fashion design industries for over 15 years. As managing consultant at both Domain in northern VA and Barami in DC, she gained significant knowledge of color, lighting, fabrics, and textiles as well as furniture design. After becoming a licensed VA Realtor in 2013, Bridgette employed her design skills, attention to detail, and forward-looking outlook to transform her team’s listings for spectacular professional photoshoots. Having worked with clients on a variety of projects, she feels that each personality is unique, like paint on a canvas, and listening is the key to creating exceptional design. Upon returning to New England with her husband and three sons, she has found her home as a Designer at Saybrook Home.


How did you get started in the industry? I was always interested in designing and started as a young teen!  My family owned an old colonial home in Massachusetts, and I helped renovate and decorate all 21 rooms of it.  From that experience, the passion for design has stayed with me ever since!

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? I love it when I am working with a couple who has drastically different opinions on what they want, and after listening to both I am able to find the perfect solution.  It’s the best to see my clients smile, knowing that they are happy with how their project turned out!

What hidden talents do you have? I have two!  Singing and cooking!  You can oftentimes find me singing some Fleetwood Mac while cooking either my famous lasagna or meatloaf!

What is your “happy place”? Sailing with friends and family.  When I first met my husband, we lived down in Virginia about an hour away from Annapolis.  I had never sailed before, but he had a boat and taught me how.  We would take weekend trips on the boat, sailing all around the Chesapeake Bay and staying on the boat.  Once we had children sailing drifted to the wayside, as it is hard to keep track of three boys while also sailing a boat!  We’ve recently reconnected with our sailing passion, and we have been able to teach our three boys now that they’re a bit older!

What is your fondest memory of working at Saybrook Home? Traveling to visit one of our manufacturer’s factories down in North Carolina with my fellow designer, Molly.  It was so neat being able to see the process of upholstery being built from start to finish and to meet the people who build these handcrafted masterpieces.  We also had several very fun dinners, which I would share more about but I might get in trouble!

October 5, 2018

Debbie is a UCONN graduate with a BS in Interior Design and Floriculture minor.  Her career has taken her all over the world in the floral design and product development industry.  Debbie earned the AIFD status of elite designers in 1991, which opened the field of design, event planning, and innovative art forms.  She believes that her clients’ primary focus should be comfort, quality, and individual style.  To that end, her style is eclectic – encompassing color, texture, and comfort.  Most importantly, her focus is always customer satisfaction, which she achieves by collaborating with them to create a comfortable atmosphere.


How did you get started in the industry? Interior Design was my college major, with a floriculture minor.  Floriculture took me into my first career, but both always included design, color, texture, space, and value. With industry changes, I was brought to SH.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? In 2004 I chaired an international symposium in NYC!  Each summer the floral industry hosts an international symposium, AIFD.  The programs include the elitist design programs anyone could witness and are meant to educate and entertain.  I was responsible for each program, product donations, logistics, donations, transportation, and the list goes on!  My second accomplishment was presenting my own design program in Washington D.C.

What hidden talents do you have? On top of interior design, I am a floral designer and event planner!

What is your “happy place”? I’m happiest sitting under my gazebo on a beautiful summer night, listening to music! But Hawaii would be my next choice!

What is your fondest memory of working at Saybrook Home? I was able to help a client relocate, refurnish, and enjoy her new home with her children. Her thanks spoke volumes to me!

April 11, 2019

How did you get started in the industry? I started right here at Saybrook Home!

Who is the biggest influence on your professional career? Carolyn Rosemaries, I love her design style from flowers to entertaining to interior design.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? Many years ago, I designed flower arrangements for Paul Newman and his wife, Joanne Woodward. They were lovely people and very gracious to work with!

If your clients could only know one thing about you, what would you like them to know? I had my own Floral business for 25 years designing flowers for weddings and significant events all over Fairfield County and NYC.

Where is your “happy place”? My happy place is outside on the patio next to the Koi Pond listening to the waterfall and watching all the wildlife around the gardens.

What is your proudest non-work-related accomplishment? I truly am proud to be a mom!

Jackie O
October 5, 2018

Jackie attended Saint Michael’s College and came Saybrook Home with over 20 years of furniture industry experience. She has attended the North Carolina Furniture Market for more than twenty years and has designed homes throughout New England and New York City. As a buyer, merchandiser, designer, and manager for 15 years at two showroom locations in Vermont, and eight years at a showroom in the Berkshires, Jackie brings a wealth of furniture expertise to the customer experience. She enjoys working with bright, airy rooms with a clean, but lived-in look. The concept of fresh, crisp tones and textures combined with warm, weathered wood products and furnishings.  “It’s important to have my clients relax in their home in comfort. I combine the desires and needs of the client with my creativity and experience, which creates a successful outcome.”


How did you get started in the industry? I transitioned 28 years ago from women’s clothing to home furnishings. It was a significant change for me. I found home furnishing more of a personal, creative challenge.

Who is the most significant influence on your professional career? Nonnie Tarr was an enormous mentor of mine. Nonnie had initially been a client of mine in clothing that pretty much taught me everything I know about home furnishing and design. I started attending the High Point Furniture Market with her right away and was her visual merchandiser for two locations on top of being her lead designer.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? I think my proudest professional accomplishment was navigating and conquering all aspects of being involved in home furnishings. I was also given an extraordinary award from Saybrook Home for my excellence in sales this past year named after Clara E. Zirkenbach, who was the founder of Saybrook Home.

If your clients could only know one thing about you, what would you like them to know? To not be intimidated by your design project!  The combination of my knowledge, honestly, and creativity will enhance their project so it will run smoothly and be thoroughly enjoyable!

Where is your “happy place”? My happy place is walking my Labrador Retriever just about anywhere on the shoreline, especially where he can swim.

What is your proudest non-work-related accomplishment? My proudest accomplishment was raising my daughter, Kindley.

What is your perfect day? My perfect day is just about anywhere outside in the sunshine.

What is your fondest memory of working at Saybrook Home? My fondest memories at Saybrook Home are the wonderful relationships I have built over the years with my clients.

October 5, 2018

Molly has a BA in communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and has been in the Home and Interior Design business for over 20 years. She ran her own design consultancy while raising her three children before working with the RI Design Center.  Many of Molly’s projects include residences along the Eastern shoreline, From NYC to Rhode Island, all the way down to St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. Molly was also key in helping to design the 2005 Showhouse for the Junior League of Hartford. Molly has been with Saybrook Home for 3 years now and is always delighted to meet clients, learn their design goals, and create harmonious environments for them. “My ultimate goal is to help the homeowner bring their own vision to fruition while making the process fun and inspiring!”  Molly’s design style is casually elegant and transitional. She is drawn to saturated color, interesting textures, and architecturally interesting furniture, but can work with any design style specified.


How did you get started in the industry? I was always interested in fashion and high-end retail. When I started exploring Interior Design, I joined a small Design Firm. In 2000, I began my own design business, which I ran for 12 years. Now, I am a Senior Designer at Saybrook Home.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? I was able to design the 2005 Showhouse for the Junior League of Hartford.

Who is the biggest influence on your professional career? I tend to appreciate all designers and architects. Two of my favorites are Kelly Wearstler and Alexa Hampton.

What is your favorite movie? The Notebook- because I am a sap!

What is your proudest non-work-related accomplishment? Raising well adjusted, kind, and loving functional children!

January 19, 2021

Barbara was born and raised in Florida; bright sunlight brings her joy, so being outside in nature is very important to her!  She raised her children on the Connecticut shoreline and spent her early career managing Outdoor Industry Specialty Retail Stores… think kayaking, hiking, camping, and cycling.  After many years of traveling and leading store teams, Barbara decided it was time to make a career change and switch to another passion of hers – Interior Design!

Barbara’s design style is eclectic with a bohemian look, inspired by years of traveling worldwide.  She loves mixing old with new, incorporating texture and natural organic fibers whenever possible. Following no real rules, except putting together visual harmony.

After moving and traveling for so many years, Barbara’s one constant has always been to bring along her beautiful rugs into her living space.  Her own rugs are much loved and make any place in her home feel complete.  As a Senior Design Associate and Rug Buyer for Saybrook Home, she incorporates rugs as art for the floor to tie a space together and complete the overall desired look.

Cheryl H
January 19, 2021

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a Degree in Fashion Merchandising, Cheryl worked in Management and Buying roles for Fashion Retail for over 10 years. With a passion for Interior Design, she decided to change careers and join us at Saybrook Home!

A lover of all projects DIY, Cheryl enjoys updating and redecorating her own home to express herself and her interests accurately. Cheryl is drawn towards eclectic, simple, comfortable styles; pale colors with lots of texture and a pop of color.  As a summer person, she truly enjoys the look and feel of linens, cotton, and natural fibers. Her designs often involve mixing old with new.  In her own home, Cheryl has many European antique wooden pieces that she’s paired with new and modern upholstered pieces.

August 28, 2020

Teresa has a background in retail management and merchandising in the apparel and home furnishings industry.  She carried her creative talents and organizational skills to the garment center/ apparel industry, where she worked for approximately ten years as a Sales Assistant and then an Executive Assistant for prominent apparel manufacturers.  After leaving the garment center, Teresa continued as an Executive Assistant in the media, marketing, and advertising industry.  Recently she stepped away from the Executive Assistant role and returned to apparel merchandising while returning to school to pursue a certificate in Interior Design.  It has been a long term goal of Teresa’s to enter the interior design field and begin a career in this industry.




How did you get started in the industry? I am very excited to have recently joined the Saybrook Home team as a Design Associate.  Previously, I worked in home furnishings but in a retail manager capacity.  I am thrilled to now be on the design side and to be a part of such a talented team of designers.

Who is the biggest influence on your professional career? I am fortunate to have been surrounded by strong leaders throughout my professional career who have been amazing mentors.   They embodied success through hard work and determination.

If your clients could only know one thing about you, what would you like them to know? While I am new to the role of Design Associate, I am always happy to help and am dedicated to assisting my clients find the product that speaks to them and their design style.

What is one hidden talent that you have? My hidden talent is that I can bake great brownies and cookies.  I consider this a hidden talent because I only bake for my nephews.

Where is your “happy place”? My happy place is wherever my family and friends are. 

What is your proudest non-work-related accomplishment? I am very proud of myself for returning to school to pursue a Certificate in Interior Design.

What is your favorite movie?  Why? Two of my favorite movies are PS I Love You and  Leap Year.  Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy with the beautiful scenery of Ireland?!?!

What is your perfect day? Any day outside relaxing and enjoying nature.


August 28, 2020

How did you get started in the industry? Growing up, I have always had a passion to re-design and re-organize rooms throughout my home. I loved art & design elements in my early childhood, and my friends and family have always asked for my eye in remodeling. I remember going to job sites with my father, who is a carpenter and enjoyed seeing and rearranging his clients’ room in my mind. The aspect of design and holding great clientele, being the people person I am, go hand in hand. Therefore, I started right here at Saybrook Home!

What is a hidden talent you have? I am a dancer of 15 years! Starting at three years old, I have grown up to master tap, jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, and contemporary dance. Not only is it my favorite recreational hobby, but also my favorite competitive sport as well as an excellent outlet for personal growth and where I met my best friends!

Who is the biggest influence on your professional career? Honestly, my family has been my biggest support system. Guiding me through career changes and teaching me to find what makes me happy, they all have lifted me to help me achieve confidence. They have taught me to be humble, kind, and enjoy the best parts of life. I love them with all my heart and appreciate their support.

If clients could only know one thing about you? I grew up with a strong core family, personal values, and morals, making respect and loyalty to others a priority! Therefore, I am here to help achieve your big picture! 

Where is your happy place? My “happy place” would be on the water. Whether that be by boat or ashore, ocean or lake, it is such a joy to feel relaxed and connected with the world itself. Throw friends and family, good tunes into the mix, and it becomes a blessing.

Proudest non-work-related accomplishment? This would be staying honest and true to myself while I continue to grow up, as well as being a good and loyal friend to others. There is nothing more rewarding in life for me than knowing that people can rely on me and Vice Versa.