Saybrook Home Rugs

From trendy to traditional, Saybrook Home carries an excellent selection of rugs to make any house feel like a home.

As the fifth wall to your space, an area rug serves as the foundation for the design of any room. At Saybrook Home, our team of experienced Senior Designers often begin the design process in our Rug Department. They, along with our Rug Buyer & Merchandiser, will work with you to explore the various patterns and sizes of rugs we carry in store. With customizable sizes and finishes available, we will find the right rug for your space. 

As true pieces of art, Saybrook Home’s extensive collection of hand-knotted rugs available in store for immediate pick up offer a plethora of advantages in terms of functionality, comfort, and style. 

Since no two hand-knotted rugs look the same, you can feel confident that you are walking away with a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for your home. Made 100% of New Zealand wool, these rugs are naturally dyed and environmentally sustainable. Due to the high quality wool they are made of, these are naturally soil and compression resistant, flame retardant, and luxuriously comfortable. You have to see these colors and feel this fabric to believe them. 

A portion of every purchase of a hand-knotted rug, is donated to Care and Fair. Founded in 1994, this organization works to abolish illegal child labor in India and Pakistan. With support going to schools, adult education centers, and daycare clinics to these countries, learn more about the good efforts of Care and Fair. 

Did you know? 

Each hand-knotted rug has a “dark side” and a “light side.” This is due to the rug being hung on the wall, as the craftsmen work through each and every knot. With these two sides, the rug can provide differing feels and colorings. This allows the versatility of how you place it in your space, giving you the exact look you love. 

Located in the heart of the Connecticut Shoreline, we at Saybrook Home understand the importance of a functional and stylish outdoor space. Especially during the summer months, having a comfortably designed and coordinated space is the dream. With the outdoor rugs we carry, you can be confident that they will stand up to rain, mildew, and that salt-air wind of the CT Shoreline. Visit our Rug Department to get started on your outdoor sanctuary transformation. 

Don’t see one in-store that you love? 

We have close relationships with the brands we carry, so if you do not fall in love with a rug in store, we will work with our vendors to find more options, just for you. 

In collaboration with our installer, who has been in the business for decades, we work closely with you to provide the best options of rugs for your space. To ensure the rug you choose works well with the area of your home and how you live in the space, we will discuss how much traffic that particular area gets, if you have pets, young children, or how the rug would conform to the instep of a stair if you are looking to do a runner up your staircase. 

We take pride in our experience and expertise, and look forward to working with you to discover the rug that matches your taste and meets the necessary level of functionality for your home. 

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