Curated Creators: Frank & Eileen




Frank & Eileen is a woman-owned, women-led, and mother-approved wardrobe business that focuses on empowering women while supplying ethical and sustainable clothing. Born in 2009, Frank & Eileen was created by a former engineer Audrey McLoghlin who sought to reinvent the button-up for women—a category previously focused solely on men. Inspired by Audrey’s Irish grandparents—their brand namesakes, Frank & Eileen—they have grown slowly and intentionally from their best-Italian-fabric-in-the-world-obsessed beginnings. Now a globally recognized fashion brand, Frank & Eileen’s mission is to model and support female entrepreneurship as a force for good—all from their family-friendly HQ in sunny California.



Thanks to Oprah’s O List back in 2016, our Apparel Shop Buyer, Donna, ordered her own Grayson shirt per the list of favorites. From her first wear, she knew, “this is a brand we need to carry.” More often than not, we at Saybrook Home experience a positive interaction with brands outside of the store and want to bring them into the store to share with everyone else!

Saybrook Home is one of only eleven stores in the state of Connecticut that carries Frank & Eileen clothing, and we are consistently excited and eager for each new arrival. Frank & Eileen clothing pieces are unique, comfortable, and sustainable from start to finish.



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