Schofield Beach Cottage: A traditional but bold design

Bill and Diane Schofield are a power couple. Together for 30 years, raised 3 children, have lived in various states, and are finally breaking ground on the construction of their new beach home.

Designing the Schofield Beach Cottage, with Senior Designer Molly from Saybrook Home.

Construction of the home.

While contractors are hard at work on the property, the Schofield’s are visiting Saybrook Home to work with one of our Senior Designers Molly to bring an inspiring, yet traditional design to their new home. I want to take you along for the journey, to experience each artistic stage of the interior design process for the Schofield Beach Cottage.

Not something that happens over night, the design process of an entire cottage requires many decisions to be made, lots of options to work, technical things to think through, and more. Watching Molly work with the Schofield’s, however, it was a fun, energizing, seamless process. When the Schofield’s left Saybrook Home after meeting with Molly, there was a solid direction in the design of each room of their home. And they were so excited. 

“This is perfect. Absolutely gorgeous.” 

Bill Schofield

Picking Your Brain

Molly first brought the Schofield’s into our Fabric Room. Already splayed out across our work tables, Molly had finishes, patterns, fabrics, print outs of furniture pieces, all grouped together by each room. The Schofield’s had provided a tile sample of their kitchen counters and from there, Molly curated a color story she thought was best. 

Designing the Schofield Beach Cottage, with Senior Designer Molly from Saybrook Home.

These initial moments of looking at these samples are where Molly picks up the most cues from the Schofield’s. Seeing how Diane and Bill reacted to certain things compared to others, helps her narrow focus and know exactly what to bring to the table for them.

Looking for a fun take on the traditional beach cottage style, Diane knows the exact energy she wants her home to exude. Having decorated previous properties, Diane has seen a lot. I thought Molly was in store for a challenge to provide fresh ideas to Diane that she would love. I quickly realized though, it was no challenge for Molly. 

“She’s like ten steps ahead of us.” 

Diane Schofield

Making Decisions

After giving Diane a few furniture ideas, Molly then brought the Schofield’s to specific pieces of furniture on the floor to actually sit in and feel out. Not only do you have to love the style, look, and aesthetic of the pieces… you have to love the comfort. Molly asked how they want to live in these spaces, if the Schofield’s wanted to more formally sit in them, or curl up with a blanket. Finding options for the kitchen and living areas, Molly and the Schofield’s decided on custom fabric for stools under the kitchen island and a complimentary fabric for chairs around a circular table. 

The couple talked amongst themselves about future family gatherings, that their kids will love to group together around the island. To me, this is one of the most inspiring aspects of the design process – that from fabric samples and blueprints, Bill and Diane already feel a sense of home. 

After talking over fabric choices for the kitchen and seating options for the sunroom, Molly brought the Schofield’s to our Rug Department to flip through our piles of hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind area rugs for the main living space. Aspiring for a casual feel to curl up and watch TV, or lounge around to chat with family, Diane and Bill knew they would fall in love with the right rug when they saw it. 

Designing the Schofield Beach Cottage, with Senior Designer Molly from Saybrook Home.

With Molly‘s artistic eye and the help of Jeff, Buyer and Merchandiser of our Rug Department, the Schofield’s were sold on two beautiful rugs. Complimentary enough, yet beautiful on their own, these two rugs will be the fifth wall to their main living space. As a foundation for the rest of the room’s design, this space will be an environment that the Schofield’s will enjoy for years to come. 

Connecting with Molly

Over a year ago, Diane was browsing our website and saw Molly’s previous design projects. Impressed with her work and connecting to her style, Diane reached out. Reuniting like old friends, Diane, Bill and Molly bounced back and forth off of each other’s energy. It was an invigorating process, initiating a spirit that will continue throughout the rest of the Schofield Beach Cottage project.

Designing the Schofield Beach Cottage, with Senior Designer Molly from Saybrook Home.

Confident in their choices on sofas, chairs, two hand-knotted rugs, fabrics for the various living spaces, and some home accessories, the Schofield’s left with many decisions made and some thoughts to consider, such as finishing touches and custom window treatments. 

We can’t wait to continue working on the Schofield Beach Cottage and see the visualizations of color stories and ideas from their visit today come to life. Stay tuned with us, as we continue to take you on this process.

Whether you are starting from a blank canvas of a home like the Schofield’s or just want to re-accessorize your living room, our experienced team of Senior Designers are ready to help you. Connect with them here and get started on your own journey to an inspired home design today.