Breast Cancer Awareness at Saybrook Home

For the month of October, Saybrook Home has partnered with the Connecticut Cancer Foundation to fundraise and raise awareness in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We’ve transformed a special room in our store PINK! A painted mural-like symbolic ribbon represents the international symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. All the furniture and decorating you see in this room was designed by our very own designers at Saybrook Home.










ABOUT CCF: The Connecticut Cancer Foundation (CCF) works with hospitals and cancer centers across Connecticut to identify cancer patients experiencing financial need. The social workers assist the patients with CCF’s simple, one-page application process as well as provide financial and medical verification. By operating this way, CCF can swiftly provide financial assistance to cancer patients who are often in desperate need. The goals of CCF are three-fold — to never have to turn anyone away, to increase the number of CT cancer patients that we help, and to increase the amount that we give each patient. In FYE 2019, the CT Cancer Foundation distributed over $485,000 to people battling cancer in Connecticut. In FYE 2020, our goal is at least $500,000 — your donation helps us reach that goal!