Autumn Foodies For Your Weekend Gathering

As we enter the first official weekend of fall, we want to share with you some of the new food items we brought into our Home Shop. Some are our customers’ favorites, that we run out of every fall season… Some are new ones that we can not wait for you to try. These autumn foodies feature organic health benefits and rich flavor. We are confident they will become your family’s and friends’ favorites after having them at your next gathering.

Beginning With Appetizers

Let’s start with appetizers. With football games on Sundays, family get-togethers on Saturdays, or a few girlfriends over Saturday night, there’s lots of opportunities for fun fall gatherings. No matter if it is just something casual with snacks or a full dinner party, the appetizers are crucial! Here are our top picks and customer favorites for appetizers: the Pecan and Brown Sugar Brie, as well as the Parmesan and Artichoke Dip.

These mixes come with the cast iron skillet, so you can easily assemble, bake, and serve, all in one dish. For a last minute football viewing party, this is just the thing you need. Not to mention, after the dip is gone, you still have the perfect sized iron skillet for all future gatherings. If you love to bring dips to parties, experiment with new recipes, or bake something quickly… this is perfect for you.

Onto Your Entrée

Sweet Garlic Glaze

Moving onto the entrée are our top sauces, glazes, and oils for you to cook with. First, is the Captain Rodney’s Private Reserve glazes. The Original Boucan Glaze, we have carried in our Home Shop and is without a doubt a customer favorite. Arriving in store this week is the new flavored glaze from Captain Rodney’s. The Sweet Garlic Grilling Glaze is made of pure cane sugar, garlic, and parsley – perfect for chicken or pork.

Blueberry Maple BBQ Sauce

If you prefer meals more suitable for a barbecue sauce, then this is our top choice for you: the new Sweet Tooth Blueberry Maple BBQ Sauce. The sweetness of maple syrup and blueberries creates a unique blend for this sauce. It adds a different flavor to your meal, while not overpowering the meat. Made in Maine, this sweet take on classic barbecue sauce is perfect for New England grilling.

For those that love a good homemade Italian meal, or love a good oil to pair with a charcuterie board, then the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Oleavia is our choice for you. As a fellow family-owned brand, we appreciate the hard work the Oleavia puts into the quality of their product.

Oleavia olives are grown from trees that are at least one hundred years old and are harvested through entirely responsible practices. Pesticides and chemicals are never used. From their date of harvest, the olives go through a meticulous process of collection, pressing, and storing at particular temperatures. Throughout these steps, the product does not come in contact with heat, light, or even air. This closed system allows the end product to be rich in taste and nutrients.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If the organic process of Oleavia’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil hasn’t sold you on trying it, then maybe its Gold Award of 2020 at the World Olive Oil Competition will. Stop by this weekend to pick up your bottle and learn more about the process of this EVOO. You may not be Italian, but when flavoring your meals with this oil, you just may feel like it!

Finish With Something Sweet

All natural hot fudge and salted caramel for dessert.

Let’s finish off with dessert. To finish up your dining experience, this is our go-to for a healthy alternative for dessert, without having to compromise on our sweet tooth. COOP’s MicroCreamery is based right out of South Boston. The Salted Caramel and Vegan Hot Fudge we have are simply incredible. There is no gluten in these products, no GMOs, preservatives, nor corn syrup. With these, you don’t have to feel guilty adding just a little bit more fudge to your ice cream… or letting your children do the same.

For more inspiration of foods, dishes, glassware, and server ware for your fall gatherings, follow us. And make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list so you never miss an update on new arrivals in store.

‘Til next time!

~Your Friends in the Home Shop, Saybrook Home