New Year, New Style

With a new year comes new design styles, and we at Saybrook Home could not be more excited to introduce 2021’s most exciting home decor trends!

When you shop at Saybrook Home, you’re shopping for the highest quality and best materials offered in the home furniture industry. Our manufacturers are committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations. They strive to minimize their waste and conserve the energy they use to produce beautiful and lasting pieces while conserving the environment around them.




At Saybrook Home, we are big fans of adding pops of color and statement pieces to your room. But in 2021, we’re going to see more color everywhere! Say goodbye to your all-white interiors, and start creating your rooms with a vibe. Statement fabrics and colors will be mix and matched to combine all your favorite textures and colors.



When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you no longer need to worry about purchasing the entire matching furniture set! The matching style of furniture pieces is becoming more and more dated by the year, and it’s time to add complementary and textured pieces instead to create your own set. Pair your antique mahogany dresser with a rattan end table and a floral upholstered end-of-bed bench. It’s time to display all your favorites instead of settling for just one look!



One of the newest and unique styles making its way into 2021 is the Grandmillenial design style. Grandmillenial is a tasteful mix of your grandmother’s antiques with new fresh takes on classic colors and patterns. Incorporating bold floral patterns with classic china is the epitome of the effortlessly put-together style. Chinoiserie vibes and childhood remembrances make this style so attractive in 2021.



Earthly elegance made its way indoors in 2020, and now it’s time to enhance it! 2021 is all about feeling good, and plants, natural fibers, and nature vibes do exactly that. Wicker and rattan have already been creeping into your decor, and 2021 is the time to embrace the natural fiber looks! Accessorize your room with real or faux florals and greens, and elevate the look with natural fiber throw pillows and accents. Mix all of your natural textures for a truly comforting vibe!



No matter what trends you want to keep from 2020 or try for 2021, we’re here to help. Saybrook Home carries pieces to fit ALL design styles, needs, and comfort levels. 2021 is all about YOU!


Let’s get started!

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