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Grasping Grandmillennial
February 24, 2021

It’s no secret that the hottest new interior design trend includes your family’s heirlooms and antiques instead of modern, matching furniture pieces. There’s absolutely a tasteful way to mix old with new while incorporating bold floral patterns with classic china. This Grandmillennial style is the epitome of the effortlessly put-together design. Chinoiserie vibes and childhood remembrances make this style so attractive in 2021!

There are no written rules on what you can and can’t include in your final design, but we at Saybrook Home have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you achieve the final design you’re looking for!



One of the key ingredients to a successful home design is adding bold and unique patterns to your walls, window treatments, tablecloths, upholstered furniture fabrics, and rugs. However, you don’t want to mix too many patterns to compete with each other! Pick a common color, or color scheme, to include in every pattern so that even though they may seem contrasting, they’re really layered and coordinating. Plaids, toile, and other floral patterns are the best for avoiding a disorganized pairing.



Since this design style includes antiques, there’s no matching rule! Use the broken-up dish set you have to compliment the new set of tabletop linens you want to display, or use your great-grandmother’s end table to decide what wood and finish you want for your new coffee table! This style is all about your personality, so have fun with it!




One of the newest home trends is Needlepoint! While we were all home for quarantine, new hobbies like baking banana bread and completing puzzles became highly popular because they didn’t include social media sites and technology. Alongside those hobbies, needlepoint has also become an obsession. The mindless activity is “meditative” and relaxing and doubles as home decor or functional accessories once completed! Even if you don’t want to stitch on your own, a huge ingredient of the Grandmillenial style is Needlepoint; whether in your pillows, rugs, ottomans, or wall decor form.




Chinoiserie has been around for centuries, and the Asian-influenced decor isn’t going anywhere! Chinoiserie is a wonderful accent to include in home designs and comes in many forms and colors. The most popular today are porcelain and ceramic jars, vases, tea sets, and more. The blue and white patterns originally debuted on functional ginger jars but are used today on decorative pieces in all forms.





Grandmillenial Interior Design may seem like a new trend, but it actually comes from an age-old desire for comfort, history, and craftsmanship. We at Saybrook Home believe your home decor should tell a story, and this movement is the perfect way to achieve just that. Nostalgia and quality are easy to obtain while incorporating modern statements and emotional connections into your home.






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    Curated Creators: Gat Creek
    February 16, 2021

    At Saybrook Home, we take pride in curating high-end, reputable vendors to provide you with the best furniture and decor products for your home. We continuously search high and low for new creators and stay up-to-date on our current vendors to curate hand-made, durable, and customizable pieces so you can leave our store confident and excited with your purchases.

    Our 42,000 sq ft showroom space has everything you need for your home, fashion, and lifestyle.

    Almost heaven, West Virginia
    Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
    Life is old there, older than the trees
    Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze…


    Off of the country roads lives Gat Creek, a furniture maker who solely works with solid wood sustainably harvested from their own backyard and takes a contemporary simplified approach to traditional furniture forms. Since 1996, Gat Caperton at Gat Creek has created furniture from dining room, home office, bedroom, and living room pieces. Each piece is handmade, individually inspected, and packaged to ensure the most delicate details are perfect for its new home. Uniquely, Gat Creek sends out every single furniture piece signed and dated by its maker!


    Every single furniture piece at Gat Creek is made to order since, as a customer, you get to choose the finishes, colors, and hardware. Saybrook Home has been carrying Gat Creek Furniture for over fourteen years. We appreciate their product quality and their beautiful and clean look; you can easily design an entire home with Gat Creek products and have it look unique and different.


    Images shot for Gat Creek Furniture.



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      Furnishing a Small Space
      February 11, 2021

      Oftentimes, historical homes in New England come with the lovely charm and character that’s so sought after, but that means they also come with their traditional floor plan of smaller sized rooms instead of a modern open floor plan. Small rooms may be daunting when it comes to decorating, but there’s nothing to be afraid of! Smaller rooms mean cozier rooms, and we at Saybrook Home can share some tricks of the trade to help turn the smallest of rooms into the most enticing and functional part of your home.


      When shopping for furniture, look for pieces with hidden or visible storage that can hide everyday necessities that aren’t appealing to the eye. Obviously, using too many furniture pieces will look cluttered with limited space, and too-large furniture pieces will look out of place. Find that happy medium of pieces to maximize your space while looking like a magazine spread. Utilize small storage spaces like ottomans, lidded baskets, and end tables that you would use for your decor anyway!


      Don’t go for an upholstered armchair with a high back, no matter how comfortable it may be! The height of the back and added width from the arms will make the chair appear larger than it actually is in a small room. If there’s a walkway behind the chair, it may also block off the rest of your space with its height. Opt for an accent chair with a low back or no arms to make maneuvering around it easy and look like it fits perfectly in its space.



      It’s no secret that mirrors are great for decor but also for redistributing light! Add mirrors to your walls to make your room feel larger than it actually is while adding a pop of glam. Also, opt for glass coffee or end tables to make your room feel bigger with fewer dark or heavy-material furniture pieces. Whether on your walls or floor, glass is a great material to avoid cluttering a room.


      Speaking of clutter, you’ve always heard the phrase…LESS IS MORE! You want to approach your decor attentively in a small space so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming or messy. This is why multi-use storage pieces are so critical to hide everyday necessities. Small spaces can’t handle as much clutter and larger rooms or open floor plans, so definitely keep your knickknacks and smaller decor items to a minimum.




      Just like in any room, be sure to think about your traffic flow! Opt for pieces that won’t block doorways or won’t cause a passerby to turn sideways to pass. Use your floorplan to make a note of important doors, hallways, and even windows. A room that feels closed off or literally unenterable will feel unwelcoming.









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        Reopening on 2/9!
        February 5, 2021

        UPDATE MONDAY 2/8:


        Thank you for your understanding and support while we have been closed, and we look forward to welcoming you back to a healthy, clean shopping environment.  All of our team has been tested, the store has been deep cleaned, and we have been given the all-clear, now all we need is you!  Saybrook Home will be reopening on Tuesday, February 9th!



        Keith A. Bolles




        FRIDAY 2/5:


        Unfortunately, we’ve had staff test positive for Covid-19. So, out of an abundance of caution, we will be closed until Tuesday, February 9th, to allow enough time for everyone to get a test and receive their results and for us all to return feeling confident and comfortable that our workplace is safe for everyone.  While closed, we will have our cleaning company perform a deep clean of the entire store, to ensure the safest possible environment upon returning. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!



        Keith A. Bolles