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2020 Holiday Gift Guide
November 27, 2020



Our annual Holiday Gift Guide is BACK and ready to help you with all your gifting needs! We’ve curated our favorite items in every department to help you cross everyone off your list!




Anywhere Fireplaces

  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Compatible with Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel (not included)
  • Requires no chimney or gas line
  • Eco-friendly; Burns cleanly with no smoke, odor, toxins, or soot
  • Easy to maintain and no clean up required
  • Burn time is 2 – 2 1/2 hours with a maximum fill
  • Material: Metal, Tempered Glass




We’ve Got You Covered
November 16, 2020

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Rug


When choosing the right rug for what we like to call the fifth wall in your room, the size you purchase is crucial to the finished look. Using a too-small rug may make the room look cramped yet empty, and a rug to large will look like a poorly done wall-to-wall carpet. Here at Saybrook Home, we don’t just help you choose your rug’s style and look; we ensure the correct sizing to help your vision come to life.


In a living room, tv room, or sitting room, the front legs of sofas and chairs should all be comfortably on the rug. There should also be at least 6″ of space on the side of each furniture piece to frame out your sitting area. You can go a little bigger in rug size in this scenario, but you never want to be too small. Too small will make that one section of the room look crowded. Leave at least 1″ between the end of the rug and the wall; this way, you can expose the floor underneath and anchor the desired area. Otherwise, without this space, the rug will look like wall-to-wall flooring.

Best Sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x14′, 12’x18′

In the dining room, all dining chair legs should be on the rug when fully pulled out. If your dining table has an extendable leaf, add the additional length or width on your rug to accommodate the extra chairs and extendable table length. No chair should be half on the rug and half off or completely off when someone is seated or adjusting their seat.

Best Sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x14′

In the bedroom, your rug should extend 1 foot on each side of your bed frame. This leaves plenty of room for you to step when you’re leaving or getting into bed. Depending on the bedroom’s size, you can also afford to go with a larger size rug if it means anchoring a designated area or including your nightstands or end-of-bed bench.

Best Sizes: 8’x10′, 10’x14′

Entryway rugs or runners should be centered to and frame the front door. Rug and runner sizes in an entryway will depend on the floor space’s full length and width, additional furniture pieces, and your stairwell location (if applicable). You don’t want a rug too bulky or large to affect how the door is opened, and you certainly don’t want a rug too small to suit the walkable space. Consider the location of your front door, stairwell, and daily foot traffic.

Other areas of your home that can hold a gorgeous rug are your stairs, kitchen, and bathrooms! These areas are often reserved for runners, staircases being a more custom approach. No matter what these areas of your home look like, our design team at Saybrook Home can help you in every step of the process to find the perfect rug solutions.





Annie Selke


Dash & Albert




Pinecone Hill

and more!



Hand-Knotted Rug Event 2020
November 11, 2020

This week only, come see our amazing selection of one-of-a-kind rugs! This event holds a $3,000,000+ inventory of genuine hand-knotted rugs, ranging in sizes from big to small and round to rectangle, and styles from Traditional, Contemporary, Serapi, Ikat, Gabbeh, Tabriz, Kashan & more!



Safety and cleanliness have always been of the utmost importance here at Saybrook Home, and given the ongoing pandemic, our already high standards have been raised even higher.  To ensure that we have taken the following actions:

– We will be limiting the number of people who are allowed in the event at any one time. During our Hand-knotted Rug Event, please REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT to shop one-on-one or virtually with a member of our Interior Design Team.

– Hand-sanitizing stations are available by each doorway for your use.

– Please do not visit the store if you have a fever, are experiencing symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone who is sick or has tested positive.

– Face coverings are required by every person within the confines of Saybrook Home.

– Common touch areas, such as entryway/exit doors and bathrooms, will be frequently and thoroughly cleaned.



Request Your Appointment!

Wednesday, November 18th – Saturday, November 21st: 10 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday, November 22nd: Noon – 5:30 pm



    Thank you for requesting an appointment. A member of our staff will confirm the details of your appointment and contact you as soon as possible. Our Request an Appointment is not a confirmed appointment and does not guarantee an appointment during the day or time requested.





    Need more help finding or upkeeping your perfect rug? We’ve got you covered.

    Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Rug

    Rug Department

    What are Sprouts on Wool Rugs?


    If Your Walls Could Talk…
    November 11, 2020

    Wallcoverings are an easy and effective way to add a statement to your overall room design. Whether on your walls or ceiling, don’t let paint restrict your interior design creativity. Wallcoverings can seamlessly add texture, an intricate pattern, or an image that looks like stone, brick, or other natural materials to give you that upscale look without the hefty price tag. With brands like Thibaut, we have hundreds of options to choose from, with samples in-store so you can physically see and feel each product.

    Not only are wallcoverings an easy and simple solution, but it’s also a logical one. Most can often be cleaned with soap and water or a simple vacuum brush!

    Wallcovering doesn’t have to be overwhelming…you can choose a pattern with a very faint color palette or only do one wall as an accent wall. No matter how subtle, adding a wallcovering is the perfect way to personalize and curate your room’s look.

    Most importantly, at Saybrook Home, we’re here to help you with not only choosing your wallcovering but also professionally measuring, ordering, and installing it! We’re here for you every step of the way!

    Let’s get started!

    Considering updating the walls in your home? Schedule a Design Appointment today!



      The Latest in Christmas Decor
      November 3, 2020

      There is always the age-old debate on when it is “acceptable” to decorate your home for the holiday season; some say November 1, others wait until at least after Thanksgiving, and some only prefer the month of December. Whatever time you choose to decorate, we are ready to help! Christmas has officially hit the Home Shop, and it is looking like a gorgeous Winter Wonderland. Christmas decor can be so much more than the traditional evergreen and holly, and there’s truly no rules when it comes to your desired decor. Whether you want to color coordinate, mix, match, or strut your family heirlooms, Saybrook Home has the perfect Christmas décor to help perfectly decorate your home for the holidays!

      We made a shopping list and checked it twice, so we have holiday products for all styles and tastes! No matter your holiday decor style, you can find any piece you need in our Home Shop.




      Birchwoods, buffalo plaid, burlap, wooden skis, snowshoes, lanterns, evergreens, pinecones, cardinals & woodland critters.




      Color coordinate sparkle, oversized jingle bells, glam accent pieces, classic Santa, stars & glitter.

      For a more elevated look, mix your metals!




      Candy canes, playful pastels, fun colors, white faux trees, glass ornaments & treats.




      Nautical tree topper,  shoreline and sea critters, lighthouses, netting, and wooden boat accessories




      Instead of filling your tree with popcorn strings and candy canes, try using your faux florals to fill those gaps! Faux floral can add an elegant and luxury feel to any tree decor. Plus, you already have it in your home!









      Our Christmas trees are the latest and greatest that you can find! Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also stacked with incredible technology to suit all your decor needs!

      • Patented Power pole – all the power is in the pole. Plug the tree into the wall outlet and the tree lights as you connect each section of the pole.
      • Low voltage led lighting system with Prolite lighting which is a light set with a chip inside. If one bulb goes out the whole set still stays lit.
      • 8 function remote control with dimmer technology with brightness control, Bluetooth technology- the light set on the tree will dance to the music that you are connected to.
      • Clear, multi, color changing, clear twinkle, multi twinkle, clear fade ,multi fade and color changing fade.
      • 2 year warranty on the technology and a 5 year warranty on the tree.



      When it comes your time to spruce up your decor, we’re here to help! At Saybrook Home, all we want for Christmas is for you to have a tree-mendously joyful holiday season!