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Worth FALLing For…
September 15, 2020

Take an inside look at the newest Home Shop arrivals! We have everything you need to transition your home into the fall season.


 One of the best ways to decorate for fall and make a statement at the same time is using faux floral! Fill an existing vase (or come in and buy a new one!), swap out your centerpiece, or switch out that hydrangea wreath for a mixed leaf, acorn-filled one. Faux floral allows you the luxury of bringing in the warmth of the outdoors without having to deal with the actual outdoors. Mix in an apple cider spiced candle, a rustic pear runner, and some wheat bundles, and you have a brand new accent piece for the season!





Have fun with TEXTURE! Fall is all about cozy, warm, and functional colors and textures. Mix your cable knits with leather or flannel for a stylish but functional final look!

You don’t need to buy all new dishware and serve ware for each season, swap out the placemats and napkins for a fresh fall look! Pull in some gold for a luxurious feel with some warmth of red or burgundy, or leave your summer seagrass woven chargers and add in dark maroon or warm woods. The options are truly endless for this season!



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43 Years of Business!
September 29, 2020


Look back: From historic house to Saybrook Country Barn











Marlborough Country Barn of Saybrook opened as the third branch store of Marlborough Country Barn in 1977. Carl and Clara Zirkenbach opened the store in a house built by Ambrose Whittlesey in 1765. Whittlesey was an early settler of the Saybrook Colony, a sea captain, and a civic leader. His house was particularly notable for its Georgian-style interior. It is one of the few remaining from this period in this section of Old Saybrook. The Old Saybrook store was, in essence, a smaller version of the Marlborough location.



Marlborough Country Barn of Saybrook added not only 1500 square feet of showroom space and a country store, but also new partners Keith Bolles and Joanne Murphy, Clara Zirkenbach’s children. The store grew as demand grew for furniture, home accessories, and gifts. The original employee count consisted of five people.



With the increasing demand for more furniture display areas and employee offices, Marlborough Country Barn of Saybrook announced the grand opening of their 7,000 sq ft addition.



After 20 years on the shoreline, Marlborough Country Barn of Saybrook changed its name to Saybrook Country Barn. Everything terrific about the store stayed the same but the name. The business was thriving, and so was the need to expand. Saybrook Country Barn purchased the building on the corner of Main Street from Earl Endrich, who operated a real estate and insurance business at that location for many years. The building also housed Cartier Optical, owned and operated by Ernie Cartier Jr and his wife Pam since 1972. The house had previously been the home of many thriving businesses, including Lockwood & Pierce Co. Druggists, Watson’s Saybrook Pharmacy, Western Union, Monarch Laundry, and a barbershop.

A 3,000 sq ft barn was added to the existing building, making room for a larger hardware room, warehouse, and employee offices. The joining property on the corner of Main Street was torn down, and the new Georgian style corner house was constructed.



With the completion of the corner house construction, Saybrook Country Barn added its Apparel Shop and restaurant. The new 15,000 sq ft space also featured additional furniture showrooms and a rug shop upstairs.



With over 42,000 sq ft of retail space, several buildings, and 41 years, Saybrook Country Barn changed its name to Saybrook Home. The name change was inspired to better represent the products carried and showcased in the store.

“Saybrook Country Barn has been evolving in our design services and modern furniture offerings to meet the needs of our customers, while very much keeping some of our core traditional lines cherished by our long-standing clients. Much in the same ways, families evolve, so has our business. We wanted to capture the essence of our core values and mission, and at the end of the day, don’t we all feel better when we are home?” says Cheryl Mader, General Manager at Saybrook Home. “Our name has changed; however, our staff, our visionary design team, and curated product offerings will continue to please our customers very much as we always have.”



In May of 2020, Saybrook Home was honored to receive an award from the Old Saybrook Historical Society for Achievement in Historic Preservation. The award recognizes recent projects, programs, policies, or actions that make significant contributions to historic preservation in the town. The goal is to keep history relevant to the townspeople. Any non-profit organization, government agency, business, or individual is eligible. “The Ambrose Whittlesey House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, predates the American revolution. It was built in 1765, with an addition coming in the 1800s. ‘The thoughtful expansion of Saybrook Home over the years has reflected and maintained the architectural integrity of this early home,” McFarlin said. “Located at the head of Main Street, it is a significant and influential representation of the historic character of our community.’”

Bolleses Honored for Saybrook Home Historic Preservation Efforts